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Minutes ago I got off the Skyphone (that’s what I’m calling internet calls now) and had the opportunity to pray with a brother who was suffering from nerve issues following a sinus operation.   We not only had a good connection on the train enough to “command the pain to go in the Name of Jesus” but he reported complete healing and regeneration of the affected area.  I told him to place his hands there and pray with me and we had dramatic immediate results.  “This is crazy,” he said.  I told him “No, this is the Kingdom.  It’s completely normal, and it’s just the beginning!”
The reason I’m telling this testimony here now though is that the timing could not have been more perfect.   He is a fellow “star traveler” who has longed and yearned for God to manifest his space fleets to him.  I know that sounds nerdy, but to be completely honest that’s been my heart cry for years also.  In the last few years I had dreams about Star Wars regarding the overall big story of this great space battle and it having a lot to do with the spiritual dimension.  I would awake with the words: “It’s real, it’s all real.  The names of the characters and some of the events are changed but other than that, this is human history”  echoing in my mind.
Watch the above trailer and you’ll hear them repeat over and over, “it’s true, it’s all real.”  Of course many of us have known this to be the case all along, but now it’s coming to the point where the world is beginning to receive this as well.
I love the fact that my friend, after we prayed together for his healing said: “Now that I feel better, let’s talk about spaceships!”  I told him my recent experience of praying and witnessing the floating city above China.  He’s probably the first person I’ve met who is directly seeking this stuff out.  Let’s not be afraid to sound a little crazy.  The realms of sci-fi and reality are starting to blend!
Isn’t that the attitude of modern day Jedi-Disciple!   I’m interested in people like him, who are of the new generation and raised with these sci-fi stories.  All glory to God and His glorious Kingdom!  Perhaps the Enemy will try and twist the new Star Wars and make God look like the evil Empire, but I believe in taking back these legends for the Kingdom.   There really are tons of “out there” things happening, and I can’t wait to see what God does next!
JOIN THE RESISTANCE against the New World Order, and fight among the Jedi!  The ones who go all out for Jesus are the real Jedi in my book.
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  1. God bless you Michael. Such a powerful testimony. Can you please pray for me? Please pray for my health and healing in Jesus name and I will certainly pray for you. “In Jesus name I now pray for the divine health, protection and prosperity/provision of God to flow through the life of Michael Basham! God bless Michael in his spiritual journey. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen!” If you could pray for me also Michael I would appreciate it. Thanks for keeping your followers up to date with your walk with God. Awesome stuff bro.


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