THE LIGHT OF THE MESSIAH: Online Interactive Class

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  1. yes it’s really come to light in recent years just how many of present day “Christian” holidays are actually just pagan with a “Christian” icing. This came about because the Roman emperor Constantine decided “if you can’t beat them join them” but he really never converted but instead altered the faith once delivered to the saints. Subsequently the RC popes cemented it even further. If it’s one thing seeing my wife pass to glory showed me tho, it’s that she was loved and welcomed by Yeshua tho she continued for the sake of the family who’re not believers, to observe Christmas & Easter though she was aware of origins ( and as an ex RC despised that system’s false creed(s)).

    1. She is now among those who are watching over us. . . bless her sainted soul and thank God for our Heavenly team! I believe this is the time when finally that evil root will be exposed which has infiltrated the church. It’s going to go much deeper than just corruption and hypocricy.


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