The New Nation: Children of the Children of David

One interesting aspect of Family people (I know that the Second Generation gets a bad rap for not having lived their faith yet) is how their culture has evolved into a self-sustained nation, like it or not!  The way that the children of the Children of David are, is very shy when it comes to their heritage.  Of course there are those who rebel, violently at times, making a big mess of their lives (we are not really addressing these) but the ones I am thinking about are the shy, soft spoken people whose parents were missionaries, and who may or may not have been missionaries themselves for a period of time.
There is not always some kind of flame of Holy Spirit Baptised “I have been saved!”  attitude, but there is a different kind of confidence, which you could almost overlook if you weren’t looking for it, and an attitude very similar to Asian people when it comes to discussing their culture.  I mean, take the average Chinese person and ask them about their mythology.  They’re most likely going to be pretty embarassed when explaining how they go to temples and do the ceremony with the incence stick, bowing a few times, and burning fake money and putting out food in front of their house or business to respect the dead.  But they still do it, and they still acknowledge it as part of their culture, even if they rarely if ever think about it.
Well what is the point of this?  I’m saying that Family people have their own country now, similar to the Jews (without land for several millenia).  The behavior is much less like a relgious group and much more like an actual country.
So anyway, I thought that was cool. . .   God bless all you  Children of the Children of David out there, may you find your destinies this 2012!

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