The New Weapons VS. The World's Weapons!

When you review your key promise and claim it for your work, that’s leaning on Me. When you commit something to prayer and ask for My help, that’s leaning on Me. When you ask Me to speak to you in prophecy and direct your priorities, that’s leaning on the spirit and not your carnal thinking. When you call on your spirit helpers, you’re calling down more spirit power and leaning on the spirit.
You’ve got to call on My power and do as much leaning as you can in every way that you possibly can‚ and you will see a difference in your level of peace and faith and calm. You’ll still have to do difficult things, because some of My future commissions to you won’t necessarily get any easier‚ but you will certainly have more faith and strength‚ and less stress and pressure‚ if you surround everything you do with more of My Spirit and learn to let Me do more of the heavy lifting for you.
-Jesus, Resting in the Lord
What a different take on warfare the Lord has for us, that the New Weapons are used in this way!  How contrary to the systems and weapons of man!  I am awed by His gentleness and patience with us, and constant wooing and calling, despite my own rebelliousness and sinfulness. . . he never gives up on me.  He still asks for me to just come, to set everything down and recieve from Him.
I told Him during my run this afternoon – –  I want to get back to the simplicity of Him.  I don’t need to keep my eyes on how complicated things have gotten, both in the World and in my own life.  There is just something quiet and supernatural about coming to Him and laying everything down, and reading His Word.  Hearing His Voice.  Keeping your eyes on Him.  I know that this is the answer, and that from this will the answers come to the myriad of complexities we are faced with on a regular basis.
I am by no means saying there is not a benefit in researching or gaining knowledge of the Deep Word and even monitoring to some extent the Enemy’s Activities, but I am more interested in being related to Him than these things.
The Keys have made absolutely nothing impossible, and to wield those keys of the Kingdom means to step into the Heavenly Dimension where He is, and In Him All Things Do Exist.  I want to Be in Him.
To list a few of my endeavors on the Spiritual front of late, I would say that progressing in the MO Letters is one, Jerry Lee’s teachings is another (the Manifester), and recently I have found Ian Clayton and a few other preachers related to him to be of great challenge to my faith.  There is no limit to what God can do,  so let’s have faith and step forward with Him!

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