Unfortunately I’ve arrived to the point where, not that I’m too big but I’m too busy.  I like to be small.  You have to be a baby to enter into the Kingdom.  My theory is that instead of being a baby in understanding that we can be like hobbits who are humble enough to receive the great things of Heaven similar to the way Middle Earth is shown to those wee little people.

The point here is that now there are too many notifications, too many networks, and too many emails to keep up with anyone on a personal level anymore.  So that’s why I’m writing this entire book to my sister Emily who is more or less along the same lines and traveling along the same path as I.  Sometimes she asks me things that are so wise and make me realise that the Millennial generation is really in a unique position.  So here we go into the next dimension (which some would call dimentia):  the PARANORMAL.

If you read the Gospels, and especially the Gospel of Mark, you will see that Jesus went around everywhere doing good and teaching good things that were extra-normal or dare I say PARA-Normal.  That is to say, the things he said barely fit into anyone’s grid of the day.  But his main mission wasn’t just to say stuff or create miracles.  His main purpose was to come here and die a shameful death and then be raised again on the 3rd day to fulfil all the prophecies of the Messiah and save the entire human race from death.  So no matter how weird stuff gets, we must never go away from the central point of the Cross and the Resurrection.   There will be a billion trillion million weird things that will be coming at us from all directions in the near future and even today already are (but your educational controllers and media whores won’t let you hear about them) and the main mission of anyone who wants to walk to God is to stay close to Him through Jesus, and to know Who Jesus Is and what He did.  When You Talk About Jesus And What He Did You Tend To Want To Capitalise Every Word. 

Now there are many Christians who like to travel in the Spirit and have extra-solar experiences, and frankly I don’t have a problem with that.  The only place I do have a problem with these kinds of people is where they turn around and start saying things like “The Grey Aliens have told me that Jesus was their creation” or some such nonsense.  Do I have a problem with the existence of Grey Aliens?  Not at all, but I know they tend to show up in places where occult things are taking place.  Most likely they are not aliens at all but some demonic creation from deep under the Earth.   All I know is that they are extremely malevolent and flee when you call on the Name of Jesus, so what does that tell you?

Many Christians I meet seem to have this constant battle between wanting to preach the Gospel and be extremely foundational vs experiencing God now and having supernatural experiences.  Instead of arguing with either side it’s far easier and more peaceful for me to compartmentalise the people I work and have met with so that they are happy in their little “safe zone.”  However more and more I have had the opportunity to run into people like my dear friend Austin Greene who is a big fan of Ian Clayton (a spirit tripper) and Douglas Dietrich (a government whistleblower).   These are the kinds of people I appreciate to no end as they do not stick in just one realm.   So it is with the Gospel, that we should be able to bring it anywhere.  If it’s the truth, won’t it be able to survive the presence of people who are experiencing or saying things outside our own paradigm?

There are many people who go chasing after supernatural experiences.  One does not need to do this.  The whole adventure is inside of you.  Ghost hunters probably experience a lot of weird things and so do people who go camping in Big Foot Woods.  My producer on Fringe Radio Network Johnny McMahon of the Iron Show has met Big Foot twice!  A dear friend of mine who was dabbling in dark things earlier in his life claims to have been taken off world multiple times and used in Illuminati experiments.   Another brother told me of his encounter with a tall grey alien in his bedroom during his younger years.  All of these people are extraordinary but I don’t think they were so spectacular because of the stories they told me.   These people all have one thing in common – a life long story with God.  Even if there were times they had forsaken him and gotten into the wrong stuff, it was a commonality that each had a close walk with the creator and was seeking after Him.   Sometimes I think that even witches and warlocks experience more spirituality because they are at least COLD, whereas the church Christians are so lukewarm they fight off anything HOT that comes near them.  Thus, they are easily infiltratable by the witches in the Illuminati factions around the country and rendered completely spiritually useless.  We’ve all been to churches where not even the Gospel is preached. 

So if you want supernatural experiences, the best way is to open up the gateway to your heart first.  Look inside and you’ll find you have an ancient door, that was built there for God to come into you.  Apparently we have entire labyrinths inside of us but hardly anyone even dares go down into there.  Some people in the psychology fields are learning about meeting your “inner selves” and alters and such.  Well why not open the door to your heart to Heaven so that Jesus can come in and wine and dine you while his angel henchmen fill the entire complex system of your inner self with His very best?   As much as you are able.   New Wine must be put into New Bottles, and that’s why I’m speaking to you.   You who are ready for new things every day, you are going to LOVE the Kingdom and Government of God reigning in your life. 

After opening yourself to Him, expect supernatural things to begin happening externally.  My experience with this was in Tokyo where I sat on my bed and got completely still.  I envisioned the entire process, of the door within my heart, and a knock on the other side.  I knew it was the Lord, and I opened it.  It was a massive bronze door and engraved on it were all these decorations depicting what would happen if it opened, and all the many journeys he would take me on.  I can certainly attest that 12 years later, we’ve been to A LOT OF PLACES!  He came inside of me, sat down at the table and asked what I’d like to eat.   I had been hesitant to open the door because I knew how much of a total disaster my heart was at that point.  It’s that feeling where someone extremely important is coming to your house and even to your room, and you know it’s not a very appropriate situation for them.  But anyway, there He was and I blurted ‘How about sushi,’ and so sushi it was. . .   I noticed behind Him were many angels flooding in as well, and they went to work cleaning the rest of my heart and making it a place fit for a King.   It was not a visit, but He was coming to stay, and then the surprise was, ‘let’s go outside!’

I mean, can you even do that?  We could travel outside of ourselves?   This was completely new to me and I had no paradigm for any of this, especially not back in 2004.  He first had angels bring to me my armour and sword, and each piece was also very artfully crafted and loaded with energy, as though it was made by Elves out of Middle Earth, also inscribed with Holy Words and designs far too intricate to get into even then.   After armoured up, we left the building.   Yeah, don’t ask me what that means but all I can tell you is what happened next and I swear to —- well I promise you this actually happened.   

I asked the Lord “do I have any spirit helpers, as in departed saints helping me?  And He replied, “yeah, do you want to meet one?”

I was so drunk and high in the Spirit and in a sensation of ecstasy after the vision that had just taken place that I just said immediately “YES!” and was compelled to go for a night jog right outside my dorm in downtown Tokyo, smack dab in the center of the Yama no Te Line, at the Station where the most popular Japanese Anime “Your Name” is set called Yotsuya, at a Jesuit university I might add.

Anyway that’s all the time we have for this section today, so I’ll finish the adventure next time. . .   thanks for riding with us!

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          1. I’m already doing that actually! WEIRD
            little bits that the Lord is revealing and snippets of bits in my exp are intersecting and being written; so there ya go..

  1. thank you so much for your honest sharing! I especially liked your perspective on opening up your heart / door. When you said your heart was a mess and angels had to clean it to make it fit for the King, I could relate – my ourney has included 40 yr in the wilderness like the Israelites of old, also many side tripos off the straight and narrow path due to my own weaknesses and tendency to go prodigal – but always coming back and admitting I messed up. Part of the problem is that I was turned off by “Christians” and church, coupled with feeling that Yeshua wasn’t that close in our relationship. I felt so much of it was struggling on my own to figure out what it takes to be in intimate relationship with Yeshua and YHWH the Father. I had heard so much about the dangers of relying on feelings, emotions, etc, that I wanted to make sure I didn’t, but then I felt the way of following Him was devoid of a sense of joy for one.I don’t blame Him, it’s my lack of understanding how it all fits together. The last few years I was drawn back, and began looking into many things like the subject of ET or UFO, or the nephilim and those who claim descendancy from nephilim the CROWN, the Illuminati, etc.It’s been an interesting and exciting investigation, and many don’t want to hear about some of these things – usually varies which things from one to another. I’ve profited from Dr. Tom Horn, L A Marzulli, Tim Alberino, Steve Quayle, David Ruffino, Russ Dizdar, Alexander Backman,E. J. R. Belanger, J. Rufus Moseley, David Ruffino, and so many others. I also have appreciated blogs like yours, Mike Basham.s , Walid Shoebat, Stewart Best, and others.
    I admit when I read of experiences others have (like your Tokyo) I would like to have such, but I realise we all have our own destiny in Him, and it’s uo ot Him to direct and guide.


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