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  1. I had a debate with one of my 5 sisters recently about this. She has battled vs one of our other sisters who observes Sabbaths and the feasts of YHWH, (the 7 in Leviticus) plus Purim and Hanukkah. I gently waded into it with her. I told her I was raised in the same family and like her celebrated Easter, Christmas and went to church Sunday. I told her that my own research (somewhat reluctantly) over the years led me to info that most believers celebrate pagan Roman holidays that had the names changed to pacify Christians. Sunday was Roman “worship the sun” day. Easter was the pagan festival of spring fertility god(dess) like Eostre, Ishtar, Ashterah, etc. Christmas (Dec. 25 was the day of worship for Sol Invictus – the Unconquerable Sun) to celebrate the days beginning to have more daylight, less darkness (night) BUT as Dr. Bill Schnoebelen has painstakingly informed at his web site withoneaccord.org, in Europe it was also Yule – which he explains the full paganism of. One can rationalise these celebrations as “tradition” that is geared towards honouring Christ, but that involves putting your head in the sand re the origins.
    I told her that I do realise in Colossians 2 Paul wrote addressing the issues of meat vs no meat, marriage vs no marriage, what day to worship on, etc. (I believe he also wrote to the Romans concerning these). There’s a sentence wherein he states, “some worship on one day (esteem one day over the others), others another, to some everyday is esteemed he same”. The last group I take it to mean treated everyday as the LORD’s .
    I told her that my position is : most members of the family were raised as we were and celebrate Easter and Christmas. I attend these get togethers to have relationship with them, to have turkey dinner with them, to spend time listening to them and sharing with them – by the way they all know my position towards these holidays. In other words, I don’t shun and I don’t strive (Paul also told us to avoid vain and foolish disputations that profit nothing). I do pray that YWHW will by His Spirit lead each of us into a relationship with Him that will result in harmony with Him as well as ourselves. I have for about 7 months attended Sabbath services at a local new Messianic assembly. Last week they asked me to bring my guitar and lead worship – something I hadn’t done in 34 years. I look forward to the fellowship (both Jews and non Jews attend) and the lively discussions I have with them afterward over a light meal. I’ve been able to instruct them, including the rabbi, on various matters and we’ve all enjoyed as well as profited from these.
    My advice is there’s 2 kinds of legalism, 1 being observance of Torah and Tanakh in a rote manner, either to please YHWH (or so we think) or have some type of yardstick to measure progress; the other is the legalism of the “traditions” and trying to mould everyone who isn’t doing it your way to do so because “it’s the way we’ve done it for centuries”.
    Sorry to ramble Mike, but I find the Christmas / Easter / Christian-veneer-coated holiday crowd to be very intolerant of those who choose to observe the feasts and Sabbaths. I have yet to see the Sabbath / feasts people I know get angry because other believers don’t see it their way.
    I posted twice (january and February) a post from a Jewish believer, )It’s All About Balance & Can We Talk) who took pains to explain why he believed that those in the Hebraic Roots movement are in error by trying to observe all the the Israelites were commanded to. Justen Faull of Fourth WAtch, and BDK, tackled the subject on YouTube (Torah Truth) in a very balanced manner also.

  2. thanks Mike for your support. Hope Chris received it well. 🙂
    Yesterday I spent about 40$ talking to Kara in the US (prophetictimellines Kara). We had a fabulous time sharing. She asked me who Don Basham was which I gladly filled her in on – and about the others in the New Wine group and how they were part of a controversy regarding shepherding. I told her people tend to misunderstand when you do something out of their norm. I said that you’d have to go a long way to convince me those types of guys were heretics (your Grandpa, Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Ern Baxter, and of course the famous Lester Sumrall).


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