The Shofar Christians Who Shamelessly Miss Church on Sunday Mornin'! LIVE

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The Brides Who Don’t Go To Church Enuff Blow the Shofar People Who Don’t Wanna Go To Church N.E. Mor…..

Late Sunday Night from Taipei Taiwan, and Early Morning Washington D.C., we naughtily read the Bible with hardly a guilty conscience about missing Church today and, like,  totally read the Gospel of Mark, so like, you should listen!

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  1. Mike strange you should mention Mark. I was watching Chuck Missler teaching the book of Colossians on GODTV and he was explaining that Mark was Barnabas’ nephew, who’d come along so far with Paul and Barnabas then broke off and went back home. Apparently he was quite well to do (his family). So for a while Paul disavowed him. At some point he submitted to Peter for discipleship and Chuck thus mentioned that Mark’s gospel is in essence Peter’s gospel. At the time of the writing of Colossians Paul had become reconciled with Mark and endorsed him.
    It’s weird tho’ that chuck is teaching a series I’m watching, on Colossians, when Joyce Meyer is also teaching a series on Colossians – I watch both. I know Joyce has detractors but I find no fault in her teaching, and enjoy her style.

  2. Hey Mike I commented in my reblog – when it comes to not going to church that’s been the story of my life for 30 yr or so. It’s rare that I go – I always like worship and fellowship but frankly the sermons don’t do anything for me


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