The Spirit of Wisdom

Today I had a moment of peace (I don’t know where or how but I did) and it occurred to me about the New Weapons:
How many are there?  The Spirit of Wisdom is a real being, and has ‘Hewn out her Seven Pillars.’  So I thought about this, and figured that there are 7 Main New Weapons:
Prayer, Praise, Prophecy, The Word, Loving Jesus, The Keys and Spirit Helpers.  You could add Unity/Brotherhood as one but I think that’s more like a Fruit of the Spirit than something you actually DO or can pull out of your pocket as a weapon.
One of my first Spirit Helpers as a new Family member was “Wisdom.”  I think I had read Rick Joyner’s prophecy about him and the book of Proverbs enough to have Her impression (She’s definitely a “Her”) and now I also have Ian Clayton’s account of meeting this 7 foot tall, diamond flaked-skinned woman of supreme beauty and honor.  I don’t claim to know all about her, except just having met her and having her contact and influence.  I’m about as stupid as they come, but that’s ok — I’m in touch with Wisdom Herself!  Ian Clayton mentions her as one of the 7 Spirits of God, (whatever that means!  So many mysteries!)
So anyway, back to the New Weapons.  It helps to know there are 7 vital ones you can carry on your person and pull out and use at any time.  In this blog I have categorized “Spirit Trips” and “The End Time Prophet” and “Brotherhood” as extra ones, too, but these may or may not fit into the category.
I am in the process of getting myself back into their full use and focus again, as I have slipped somewhat these past few months, but I know that these 7 Weapons are my destiny and purpose of living.  So Lord Help me to use them!

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