This Prophecy is being Confirmed by Mike Parson's Ministry: KOTK are Various!


Image(Jesus: ) Yes, there are many keys. The keys of the Kingdom are not just one key with one use, nor even one small key ring with several important uses. If they were to be pictured in earthly terms, they would comprise a huge, massive, powerful key ring. For every impossibility, there is a key that is perfectly designed to transform it into a possibility. There is a key for everything. This is why there are no impossibilities, because for each seeming impossibility there is a spiritual law put into effect by the keys, which renders that impossibility void. There are an unlimited number of keys, because I can continually make new ones if needed—although I have a mighty grand collection already covering just about any scenario.

  1.  For every evil opposing spiritual force‚ there is a spiritual solution through the keys. For every negative, there is a positive. Sometimes because of the problem you face, it will be apparent what type of key to use. For example, if you are battling doubts or fears, you would call upon the key of faith. If you are struggling with health problems, you would call upon the key of healing or relief from pain. If you have a desperate need, you would call upon the key of supply or miracles. If you are being besieged by bitterness or resentment, you would call upon the key of forgiveness or freedom.
  2.  If it is not clear which key to call upon, then use your gift of prophecy, which works hand in hand with the keys, to ask Me specifically what key to call upon. I will show you. I will put the answer within your heart.
  3.  There is a key of answers, and this will be one of the keys that you can call upon and activate, for it is the key that allows you entrance to the more inner chamber, and within this inner chamber you find the next key. Sometimes you will have to call on the keys two or three or more times until a situation is completely resolved. You may have to first call on the key of answers, then the key of healing, then the keys of spiritual deliverance, or others as the case may be. But remember that there is an answer key‚ and when you know you need to use the keys but don’t know which key to use, call upon that key and from there all will be revealed.
  4.  Even if you just call on “the keys of the Kingdom” or “the power of the keys” you are unleashing great and mighty spiritual power. But as you hone your gifts of using the keys and learn what specific keys to use, you will unleash even greater power, and you will also have the satisfaction of seeing specific answers to specific prayers, which will strengthen and increase your faith. The keys can be used to varying degrees, but I want you to use them to their greatest power. I want you to hold them within your grasp and learn the beauty and power of each one; to become masters of the keys, skilled in their arts, opening each and every door that you desire to enter. (End of message.)
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