Tips for becoming a conqueror!

117. (Jesus:) When you’re a soldier fighting a war, which you, My disciples, are in spirit, there are always going to be battles. It’s a fact of life, and a very prominent one. When faced with it‚ as you are now, you can do one of three things: You can truly embrace it as your calling, become a professional and proficient fighter‚ train with your weapons, become the best you can possibly be, and even learn to love the fight. Or you can be a mediocre soldier and “get by” and stay alive for a while, using your weapons, perhaps some fully and perhaps some only to their minimal use, fighting battles, winning some, and losing some. Or you can decide that a soldier’s life is not for you, and quit, leave the army, and do something else with your life.
118. If the Family is going to make the advances it needs to make on the Enemy’s territory in this year of strengthening, and if you’re going to fight to win, and truly defeat him, then you’ve got to be the best type of soldier, what I would call an “A+” soldier—a professional‚ a skilled new weapons wielder, and a warrior who enters wholeheartedly and unreservedly into the fight, giving it all they’ve got, fighting for all they’re worth! To be an “A+” type soldier, here are the main attitudes, actions, and training courses you need to embrace:
119. —You need to be fully persuaded that that’s your calling, and you need to think of your calling as a soldier, proactively and aggressively, rather than defensively. You’ve got to understand that as a Family disciple you’re not part of a defense force, but an aggressive invading force. There is a time and place to be part of the defense force, and that level of skill and that mentality may have served you in the past, but it’s no longer enough. You can’t just defend your territory; you have to aggressively conquer your Enemy’s territory. That is what lies before you. That is the challenge you face. That is the commitment that you are making as a soldier.
120. —You need to actively train in the use of the new weapons I’ve given you. To actively train doesn’t mean to only use them when you are in a bind‚ or when you get around to them, or to use a few of them, or to only use the ones you like best. It means that you take a good, hard look at each weapon, one by one, and determine whether or not you truly know how to use it and are well practiced in using it. If you’re not, then you’ve got to work‚ train, and practice, until you can say that, yes, you know this weapon and you can use it the way it was meant to be used.
121. These weapons are spiritual and not fleshly, but to effectively use them‚ your flesh has to get very involved! You have to take positive physical action. You may be weak in your use of a number of the new weapons, and if you are, it may seem overwhelming to become proficient in all of them at once; so if you find yourself in that position, then take one at a time and focus on it, making a weak point into a strong point. Pray about specific positive and proactive steps that you can take to develop your use of that new weapon—to understand its importance, to study the Word about it, to integrate it into your daily life until it becomes a part of you.
122. I have reiterated this principle over and over in the Word‚ but some people have still not mastered the use of a few or many of the new weapons, because you have lacked the aggressiveness of spirit to do so. You have thought that when you really “needed” that particular weapon‚ you’d use it then. Or you dabbled in it, trying it out and seeing if you could do it, so to speak, but either didn’t really make it a part of you or discover its full use and potential.
123. Granted, you may not discover the “full use” of these new weapons for some time to come, because it takes time, training‚ and strengthening your faith. And even if you’re doing all the right things and aren’t being negligent, learning about the new weapons is a step–by-step process, and as you go along, I will always be showing you new things, giving you new tips and tricks, etc. But if you aren’t at least trying and fighting to discover the potential of the weapon, if you’re content to just use one or two of its features, you’re not going to get very far.
124. —When you’re faced with a spiritual battle, learn to take the offensive and aggressive approach of bombarding your spiritual Enemy with as many of the weapons at your disposal as you can! Blast the hell out of him by giving him no escape and leaving nothing to chance! Don’t be content to just use one or two weapons and wistfully hope it “does the trick,” or resign yourself to a long, drawn-out and protracted struggle. Each of the spiritual weapons that I’ve given you are powerful enough that they can do serious damage to the Enemy. But you don’t want to just inflict damage; you want to obliterate him and his presence and put down his forces completely! So use all the weapons you can, each time. For example, when you’re fighting in prayer for needed changes‚ supply, victories, or progress, use all the weapons available. Use not only prayer, but use the keys, use praise‚ use the Word, use our intimate loving relationship, use the spirit helpers I’ve given you.
125. —Don’t wait for the Enemy to attack you—attack him! This means different things for different people in different situations, but it’s an overall change of mindset and approach that many of you need to have. Sometimes you can see a battle “looming” in the distance or sense it’s coming; it could be anything from a battle in the form of persecution to a battle in the form of jealousy.
126. You’ve been in the fighting business a long time, and many of you are attuned enough to sense when a battle is coming before it actually hits. When you get that feeling, what do you do about it? Unfortunately, many of you wait until it hits full force‚ until the Enemy is right there in your face whapping and walloping you‚ and then you fight back. Well, stop fighting back and fight first! Be the one to deliver the initial blows! Get on top of your battle from the start.
127. You may not completely forestall his attack, although in some cases if you head him off at the pass, he won’t even bother to fight you because it’s not worth the struggle—and you’ve already won! In other cases, you’ll still have to fight the battle, and it may even be a very tough battle, but because you were the aggressor, because you gained the upper hand, you will be surer to win, and win more quickly. It feels great to be the one on top, the one with the advantage on your side—and the aggressor always has that advantage. You’ll come to love this feeling more and more, and you’ll get better and better at sensing where the need is‚ where the next battle will be, and taking the lead and taking charge in starting the attack.
128. I want you, the children of David, to learn to be the aggressors, not merely defenders. That’s your calling and that’s My commission to you. I don’t want you to just protect yourselves and fight back when the Enemy and his imps and those he influences on Earth attack you. I want you to lead the way, to be the attackers‚ the conquerors, the overcomers!
129. If you really study and meditate on the truths in this message, and go back to the Word for more study on these principles of fighting; if you take the challenge seriously to get intimate with your new weapons and learn their ins and outs and wield them proficiently; if you can take on the mindset of an aggressor and conqueror rather than a counterattacker or defender, then you, the children of David, will win the battles that lie ahead of you, and you will conquer, defeat, set back, and completely rout your adversary and all that he will send your way. He will really bring it on, but you will be ready, prepared, fighting, and victorious!
130. You’re at war‚ and even though you’re on the attack and learning to be the aggressors, your Enemy also knows that, and he’s not going to make it easy. He’s upping his guard as well so as not to be caught sleeping by your attacks. Taking the initiative and getting the upper hand is not going to be as straightforward or smooth as you might think, or as you might like.
131. Basically, there’s nothing easy about being a soldier and fighting battles and winning wars. But it’s your calling, your destiny, as the children of David, and if you’re going to have to do it anyway, don’t you think you might as well make the best of it‚ learn to do it as well as it can be done, and even learn to enjoy it?
132. That should be your goal, your focus, and what you live and breathe and fight for every day. Be a soldier! Be a conqueror! Be an aggressor who scares the Enemy to death at the mere thought of you!—Not because you’re so great in yourself, but because you are a channel of the full power of God through your use of the powerful and undefeatable weapons He has entrusted to your hands.

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