To Join to Enter THE CHRONICLE PROJECT part 2! SpiritWars000000027!


Churchy Christians DO NOT want you to listen to this interview.

At Chris’s request, all contributions should be sent to the Mission in Zambia headed by Thomas Morrow:


[email protected]

The audio was an issue but we are working on it.  Prepare for your entire paradigm of everything to be challenged.

As I post this during the live talk, 3 words were just confirmed at 20 min mark: I pushed “write” to start the post, and as I did I said ‘right?’ to Chris.   I was highlighting “JOIN” as you see above into hypertext, and Chris said “to JOIN” !!   Then finally as I was adjusting the volume on the tv and he said “adjust” as I saw the words flash across the screen.

This happens to me sometimes, but not usually in this frequency and when I’m distracted!  Bear that in mind if you’re churchy.   This is some new intel you’ve never heard about the original Bible meaning!

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