To Mr. Douglas on Metal Gear

Dear Mr. Douglas:
Since I am of the Video Game generation, and you have a great deal to say about Japan’s secret weapons and War plan and Capabilities during WW2, I thought I’d share a bit of info with you: Metal Gear– a series of games cr

eated by Kojima Hideo.
These games really are a testament to the world of Japan’s present day knowledge of the way things work in the realms of black ops and cutting edge weapons. It takes a great deal of time to get into the intricacies of the series of games themselves, but here’s a link to a video from back in 2002 where the president explains how he’s just a puppet.
If you or any of your FB friends are interested in this you can see all the other links on youtube linking this series with the New World Order. It’s quite uncanny!
What I got from your talks on Japan was that if they were that ahead of the game 70 years ago, how advanced are they today? I have a great deal of respect for the Japanese, and this Metal Gear game gives me even more pride in Japan to know that the spirit of Bushido is still going strong, even if it’s under the radar (perhaps appropriately so!). . . Blessings to you, Mr. Dietrich and you are in my prayers! Keep fighting your war, for it is one you fight for all of us!
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