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  1. I agree Mike with the thrust of the article about working out our salvation daily, remembering that Yeshua said in 1 John that we’re not to deceive our selves as to whether or not we sin, BUT we’re to sincerely confess our shotcoming(s) and He will cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the sentiment expressed in this post that we’ve at times been discouraged for the same reason this poster said. I have emphasised in my own blog posts that because grace abounds doesn’t mean that we should keep sinning and excusing it with “oh well grace abounds so I’ll just confess it and be forgiven”. That’s a mentality that is totally wrong. John after wrote, “if we say we haven’t sinned we deceive ourselves and make God a liar”. BUT, I was turned off when they included in their definition of pure that one has to do SANTA-tizing. I (and many others of this present age) know the whole deal about Christmas, Santa, Dec 25, Yule, Saturnalia, winter solstice, etc as far as pagan traditions go. Most of this has come to light in the last decade or so. I was raised with Christmas (focus on Jesus tho), as was my late wife. Both of us not knowing any better at the time, raised our families the same way. Much as I don’t like to admit it, our kids for the most part are not serving the LORD YESHUA as they long ago decided churchianity was irrelevant to them. I’ve in the past, and still today. share plainly but in the right spirit, much of what I’ve learned the last decade or so, but it’s still their choice to live for Him or not. I’ve made it plain that for me, Christmas is pagan, and irrelevant to me, but I do celebrate the time together during the holidays with the family – after all I’m not going to sever all ties with them because they still celebrate Christmas – and not even as Jesus’ supposed birthday, they just celebrate it as “tradition”. so id YWH Dad was going to damn somebody on the basis of whether they’re SANTA- tized according to sapphire throne or anyone else’s definition, calling them impure, then my late wife should’ve been but wasn’t as I recounted because Father spoke to me telling me He was taking her home according to her wishes and then provided a sign for the family at the time of passing. As I’ve stated then and again now, yes we’re to strive to grow in our relationship with Elohim but as He reminded the Hebrews of old, “I didn’t command you re burnt offerings, sacrifices, when I brought your fathers out of bondage in Egypt, I commanded you to obey Me”. The key is as we grown He by His Spirit who He sent to lead believers into all truth, will if they’re seeking to grow in Him, show them what He requires- whose place those who want to prescribe standards / regulations / worship are usurping. Let YWHW be in charge – He said He knows our hearts, and doesn’t ascribe to the outward appearances, what man tends to.


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