Torrey Grossman | 911 Truth, Government Conspiracies and Alien Abductions: The TruthSeekah Podcast

In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Torrey Grossman as they discuss 911 Truth, Government Conspiracies and Alien Abductions. Torrey Joined the military thinking he was joining to serve his country before finding out that he was fighting in an unjust war. During his stint in the military Torrey experienced what seemed to be an alien abduction that changed his life forever. After seeing a UFO Torrey was visited that same night being pulled out of his body by two aliens like creatures. This terrifying experience made Torrey examine what he was still doing in the military and set him on a path of spiritual growth and speaking out about governmental injustices.   New Merch Here! TruthSeekah New Guided Meditation | The Throneroom Visualization   👽Help Keep The TruthSeekah Podcast On The Air!👽 ⭐️ Become A Patron And Support TruthSeekah 📚 Get Access To The School of the Mystics Thursdays @7pm cen 💿 TruthSeekahs Full Discography & Unreleased Music 👉 Download This Episode On iTunes – Download On Android – 👍Facebook 🐦Twitter 🔴Reddit 📷Instagram 💬Join Our Discord Chat 👕 SHIRTS 🌕OFFICIAL 🅿DONATE VIA PAYPAL 📖Get Your FREE Audio Book! 📧 Send Mail To TruthSeekah P.O. Box 333 Creola Al, 36525 USA

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