Treasures of Old – Book of Jasher on The Staff of Moses!

Was the staff of Moses really so special?   Take a look at this little segment I found in the Book of Jasher.  These Extra Biblical Books seem to jive well with Scripture for the most part, and are not like the Gnostic Gospels which gnarl and twist the truth of the Scriptures to their own strange destructive ends.   When reading the bulk of this book as a homeless missionary about a decade ago, I trusted God and used some of the last of my money to park out at a StarBucks in Taiwan rather than spend the day frantically job hunting.   After having my mind blown over and over again and feeling a whole new door had opened for me, I got a phone call offering me a job.  Also from that point on everything in Taiwan seemed to fall into place, with my Taiwanese mother (pictured) and father helping me to go to school, as well as the beautiful gift of my little daughter Kaja!  So God is waaaay outside of all our boxes.

35 And the thing seemed good in the sight of Reuel, and he did according to the word of his daughter, and sent to the dungeon to ascertain what became of Moses.
36 And he saw, and behold the man Moses was living in the dungeon, standing upon his feet, praising and praying to the God of his ancestors.
37 And Reuel commanded Moses to be brought out of the dungeon, so they shaved him and he changed his prison garments and ate bread.
38 And afterward Moses went into the garden of Reuel which was behind the house, and he there prayed to the Lord his God, who had done mighty wonders for him.
39 And it was that whilst he prayed he looked opposite to him, and behold a sapphire stick was placed in the ground, which was planted in the midst of the garden.
40 And he approached the stick and he looked, and behold the name of the Lord God of hosts was engraved thereon, written and developed upon the stick.
41 And he read it and stretched forth his hand and he plucked it like a forest tree from the thicket, and the stick was in his hand.
42 And this is the stick with which all the works of our God were performed, after he had created heaven and earth, and all the host of them, seas, rivers and all their fishes.
43 And when God had driven Adam from the garden of Eden, he took the stick in his hand and went and tilled the ground from which he was taken.
44 And the stick came down to Noah and was given to Shem and his descendants, until it came into the hand of Abraham the Hebrew.
45 And when Abraham had given all he had to his son Isaac, he also gave to him this stick.
46 And when Jacob had fled to Padan-aram, he took it into his hand, and when he returned to his father he had not left it behind him.
47 Also when he went down to Egypt he took it into his hand and gave it to Joseph, one portion above his brethren, for Jacob had taken it by force from his brother Esau.
48 And after the death of Joseph, the nobles of Egypt came into the house of Joseph, and the stick came into the hand of Reuel the Midianite, and when he went out of Egypt, he took it in his hand and planted it in his garden.
49 And all the mighty men of the Kinites tried to pluck it when they endeavored to get Zipporah his daughter, but they were unsuccessful.
50 So that stick remained planted in the garden of Reuel, until he came who had a right to it and took it.
51 And when Reuel saw the stick in the hand of Moses, he wondered at it, and he gave him his daughter Zipporah for a wife.

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