True Spirituality

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True spirituality is believing in the invisible‚ accepting and doing the unthinkable‚ and accomplishing the impossible on a regular basis through My Spirit and My power. It’s relying on the spiritual weapons‚ on prayer, praise, and calling on the keys, more than on your own abilities. It’s praying more for things to be done and for the answers that you need. It’s living in the spirit more, believing in the things of the spirit, and rejecting the carnal-minded lies of the Enemy. It’s obeying because I said to, even if you don’t understand why. It’s coming up against the “impossible” and laughing because you know I will come through for you, and that “impossible” is a lie of the Enemy.

To be spiritual means that you use the spiritual weapons on a regular basis and that you depend on them. You don’t rattle off a prayer and then dig in and try to fix it yourself. Instead, you pray and then expect Me to do the work. You get desperate and ask Me to overcome the seeming impossibilities, and then you watch Me do the miracle.

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