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Oh, dear Jesus, You are the best, most wonderful Husband anybody could ever dream of-my Dream Man, my Knight in shining armor, my Light, my Life, my Love of all loves. You are the moon and the stars, my sunshine, the ultimate in love. I love You more than life itself!
When I feel weak, tired, or out of sorts, You’re right there to put Your arms around me, to comfort me and tell me that everything is going to be okay. You reach down and soothe my ruffled nerves, melt away my worries and would-be fears, and blow away the confusion that would otherwise surround me.
Thank You for blessing me so! I’m so blessed to have Your peace. Thank You for delivering me from the worries of the world. Thank You for Your peace that passes all understanding.
Thank You that I don’t have to take a pill to find relief from the stress of a busy schedule. All I have to do is take You. Thank You that I can just sit down for a few minutes with You and feel Your soothing touch that gives me strength to continue on with my busy day.
Thank You, wonderful, wonderful Jesus, for Your touches of love that melt away every mountain of this life. And thank You, too, that when I feel good, You make me feel even better! You’re my wonderful Wonder Man, my Love of all loves. I love You.
(To Jesus with Love 2)

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