Two Tokyo Dreams Last Night

Dreamed that in Tokyo were these huge machines moving everywhere, of all kinds. I was walking through them and quite acquainted with how to navigate through this area that looked like a shipyard, trying to get to a dormitory I was staying in or something. There were moving and construction equipment, high tech robots like those you’d see in a car production plant, and you name it, it was all there. There was this man that kept appearing and offering me things that he thought I’d want based off of AI algorithms and predictions, and it was always almost 100 percent right, like my favorite whisky or wine at the end of a day, or something that seemed appetising or my preferred entertainment or even friends, down to the very most intimate detail. I was talking to a girl I knew but didn’t know named Robin, who looked to be about in her 20’s and she was telling me how this new system was so personalized and pleasant, how her every whim was being brought to her at any moment. But at the end we both agreed it was not a very good thing, but pretty dangerous.
This dream is actually a repeat of a nightmare I had when I was a young boy, but this time seeing it again, the sea of endless machines and robots taking over the world, I was unafraid because I felt this closeness to a bunch of people around me who were also facing this system.   Robin was one and so were a whole bunch of other individuals who seemed to be standing up awake to what was going on.   We were still in the stages where the technology was serving us but it seemed that at any moment it could turn against us and then that we’d have to fight it.
The other dream I was in Tokyo with my daughter and sister in law plus a few other family members, and sure enough we came to the spot in Yotsuya where I met the Family in the first place. It was like all the timelines were coming back into one, and the place my whole story had started was coming back to me. I kept taking pictures of both the kids and the cityscape, demonstrating the Jesuit school Sophia University and the other landmarks around it, and I told them how strange it was the most successful Japanese movie in all time is also set right here, and this is where the boy and girl keep meeting.

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  1. Very intriguing and curious dream. Its definitely the way things are going. I am personally boycotting Microsoft now, because it is becoming a service as opposed to an operating system. Windows has now become one giant advertising and marketing system, that installs apps on your system and advertises products; based on your web browsing alga-rhythms. Google is exactly the same, the search engine monitors your browsing history and collects data on your likes and dislikes, and they then advertise to you based on your browsing history. These machines know more about us than ourselves, so in that respect; I totally can see the truth in your dream. I have an interest in computers and technology, but its now becoming a major invasion of privacy. Google probably knows more about you than your mother or girlfriend. How intimate is google going to get with us? You should also research Windows 10, it is absolutely ridiculous and relates to your dream big time. Microsoft has given Windows 10 tremendous power, they can spy on you and even watch you through your webcam whenever they wish. They can also collect your emails, text messages and other data as they see fit. I could write an entire article on Windows 10 which I plan to do, and I think you should really look into Windows 10 spy features, and consider doing a video about it and talk to your audience about your dream and windows 10. A very prophetic and truthful dream I enjoyed reading about. Great stuff.

    1. Thanks brother, I’ll check out Windows 10, and I wish we had a good alternative to eugenicist Bill Gates’ operating system and Apple… Linux is the only way? I use a donated apple but also good ol windows xp, lol

      1. Yes I think Linux is probably going to be the alternative. There is nothing wrong with technology when you can control it. Apple is probably better than microsoft at this point, but with Linux your very safe and you control the technology instead of it controlling you. I am using Windows 7 at the moment and will never upgrade, but they are even trying to force windows 7 users to update. Windows 7 is great and I have no issue with it. Windows 10 is the devil incarnate, check it out man, you could do an entire radio episode on windows 10; i was shocked.


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