Adam Reagan Sayne

Conspirinormal Episode 132- Dr. Timothy Furnish 2 (Sufism 101)

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Recorded September 18th, 2016. Tonight we welcome Dr. Timothy Furnish back to the show. We had Dr. Furnish on back in May to talk about some of the basics and the history of Islam. In this episode we bring him back to talk about another part of the Islamic Religion, that of Sufism. Sufism is the mystical version of Islam and we explore with Dr. Furnish about it's origins, beliefs, and the various Sufi groups. We also discuss how Sufism is a more peaceful division of Islam, for the most part. We then talk about modern day Sufis such as Fethullah Gülen and his influence on what is going on in modern day Turkey. You can contact Dr. Furnish and purchase his books at: and our website: