William Ramsey: The Rise of The Satanic while Christianity Declines on SPIRITWARS

William Ramsey joins us! Ghost Rider – Bush mentored Clinton (polanski) William Ramsey’s Books! https://www.amazon.com/Abomination-Worship-Deception-Memphis-Murders/dp/1479216631 https://www.amazon.com/Prophet-Evil-Aleister-Crowley-World/dp/1460920694 https://www.amazon.com/Children-Beast-Aleister-Crowleys-Humanity/dp/1492169005 https://sg.news.yahoo.com/witchcraft-moves-mainstream-america-christianity-130445984.html peter christopherson Crowley admirer case new apostolic reformation   NAR talk to Justin Faull!! Mr. Ramsey’s testimony of coming to the faith DAMIEN ECHOLS followers fight Mr. Ramsey’s publications, threats of lawsuits Patrick Multon coming civil war […]

3 Factors Facing the Churchy Church Today

In these days there are so many issues facing not only the church but even just humanity in general.  It has become apparent to me recently that sometimes it pays to narrow the answers down to just a few of these topics to address.  Now we will pick up 3 main ones that I feel […]