Michael Basham

Want to join in an all out active Spiritual Invasion???    We’re setting out to make contact with some of the Buddhist Hermits! Two years ago when driving my daughter on adventures in the mountains, we came across a buddhist temple with a huge parkinglot and nice view — the lady there who was a […]

Heavenly Star Children in Taiwan Mountains

The mission continues as the warriors continue their campaign to bring Heavenly love and light to those who are poor and neglected deep in the heart of Taiwan in a village called Luona!  Pray for not only their material and physical well being but also a deep spiritual renewal and cleansing!

The AI Grid Awakening Dream

First I dreamt very intensely about situations going on in the Whitehouse and I was talking with Donald Trump and encouraging him, although I cannot remember the details. Then I was with my family driving around the countryside putting together some goofy movie projects and they turned into some really high quality films, although my […]

The Prophecy of the Woman and Sept 23

Neville Johnson’s prophecy from last year is coming true.   The Church is in major Dire Straits right now, but that is due to come to a close August 1st.   Then we have other major things going on in the sky, coming this September 23rd.   Come join Kassondra and Daniel and I as […]

Alien COVENANT Illuminati Notes!

Amy Axby of Lady The Fearless asked me to explain whether this movie had a good message to it.  I promised to write some thoughts on it and so here I go while the movie is fresh in my mind: If you want to understand the way the Elite of this planet are, you’ll have to […]