Video Games The Movie – Illuminati Notes
-OK so this is not exactly a piece of outright propaganda by the Global Elite put out there, but still while watching this documentary a few things hit me deep down as to the nature of video games and spirituality.
First off, I’ve played games since I was a child, and don’t consider myself higher or holier than those who are still immersed in the whole world and culture. I have to admit, the graphics now are beyond anything I was experiencing, up until the mid 2000’s when I left the States and made the choice to plunge into learning Japanese in Japan. In fact, perhaps I’m an even deeper nerd than the normal player today, in that I decided after playing Final Fantasy 8 and Metal Gear Solid that I wanted to live a video game through my life physically if possible. I wanted to “explore new maps” and go to random places as well as solve puzzles and complete missions with my outward life.   I was a Christian and I felt that as such I could be a spiritual soldier and just follow Jesus and that He must have a mission for my life. Later I found that really being a spiritual soldier with the complete armor is super akin to the kinds of “equipment” one finds themselves using in a video game. So in essence, my spiritual life including prophecy, prayer and just overall living by faith mirrored a video game in more ways than I am comfortable in transcribing here now.
Now in watching this documentary about video games I have to say I see the complete plan of the Illuminati in forcing the youth of today’s privileged class clearer than ever. It is to sap people of their spiritual lives. There is a reason that the average person who plays games today is 32, as of 2014. That’s because most of the guys from my generation ( I am now 30) never progressed past just playing games with most of their free time.
I’m not saying it’s a sin or anything, but if people are unaware that there is so much out there waiting for them in the Spirit, so much limitlessness that supercedes just playing through a scripted course designed by the programmers. . . my there would be a real revolution happening now. I’m speaking now of primarily Spirit Trips.
If people only knew of their capacity to enter into the Spiritual Realm – my Gosh whole new worlds would be conquered. Indeed Video Games offer us a glimpse into this world – albeit a somewhat dark and war-filled one. The Heavens have had their share of war, and when you enter them you essentially get equipped for battle. Also you learn how to use an avatar – part of you stays in the physical dimension, obviously, and part of you goes there. See Mike Parsons on Youtube if you want to see all the details of fighting giants and dragons and going on “quests” in the Spirit. The thing is, all the cool stuff people do in video games is available to you in the Spirit if you would only try it. This is the big blanketing lie of video games – that you have to depend on them to experience something that is out of this world. Both your life and your invisible life can be full of adventure just like this.   It takes time, and commitment, but then so does sitting down and playing a game prepared for you for 8 hours! This one is real, though, and has eternal rewards.

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