Walking in the Spirit #To Millennials 1

I recently had the chance to speak with a millennial about seeing in the Spirit and how to do it.  Although I’m not the guy to be answering these kinds of questions (see Praying Medic’s Seeing in the Spirit for a very concise work on the matter) I thought it would be at least somewhat useful to jot down some notes for the sake of that Millennial who I love and care about deeply.

Another issue with this is that the more encounters I have with the supernatural the more I realize it’s an extremely personalized affair.  God will talk to you in a way that means something to you, not necessarily Ian Clayton or countless other people who claim to have seen things in the Spirit. 


Here’s a short TO-DO list of things that are in our court to initiate:

  1. Stay in the Word as much as possible.
  2. Have self discipline to detach yourself from the world.
  3. Be at least a little practical about the place and time.
  4. Get comfy but don’t fall asleep.
  5. Don’t be afraid of some of the encounter being initiated by YOU.


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  1. Hey Michael, Renee here. World is a big place.. no im not stalking you just interested in where your quest for understanding of the brave questions take you. I was raised as a ‘Christian’ but feel there is more condemnation and sin within a church than there is at a 21st birthday party. However I also believe great difference between being ‘good’ and being sanctioned to christ or whatever the f you want to call it. I am the least perfect person in the world and undoubtedly believe there is more to us intricate beings than a few years of evolution. To be able to stand awestruck at the sky and express it in diligence and respect is far greater than a jellyfish bobbing along in survival mode with his occipital lobe still in development. Take care bro.

    1. Marvelous encapsulation of the jellyfish bobbing… I totally agree and appreciate your spending the time to read some of my unedited rambles and write such inspiring words…. people who are as honest as you truly are the ones who are closer to God than the religious churchy folk. The older I get the more I just can’t stand those people anymore. Life’s just too short to waste like that!


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