Was David Brandt Berg (Moses David) a prophet?

David Brandt Berg also known as Moses David is no stranger to controversy, a search on google brings up a variety of opinions about the guy, including many negative ones. I am a logical and reasonable individual, who gives all people a fair and objective analysis, and in recent times I have investigated Berg and his ideologies. I have also objectively evaluated Berg and his Mo letters (his main form of communication to his followers), which have made there way onto the internet. You can pretty much read every letter and communication Berg gave to his followers, as all these letters have found there way onto the internet through various avenues.

A few months ago I had a dream, and I do believe it was from the Holy Spirit, and in that dream I saw my VISA credit card. My VISA card has a microchip in it, and in my dream, I saw the microchip leave my credit card and go into my hand. I believe God was warning me that the mark of the beast is on the way, and it’s going to transfer from our credit cards, and go into our hands and foreheads in the near future. I believe this will be a fulfillment of Revelation 13, which clearly says that those who follow the Antichrist, will be forced to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead in order to participate in commerce. I have also had other dreams where I saw doctors, placing microchips into peoples foreheads, I also believe these dreams were warnings from God also. I have no doubt these dreams were from the Holy Spirit.

Recently I was scanning through some Mo letters (David Brandt Berg literature) on the internet, and I discovered a Mo letter which literally astounded me. In the early 1980’s, Berg wrote an intriguing letter about a prophetic dream he had about the mark of the beast.

Below are some extracts from Berg’s prophetic dream article (I claim no rights on any of the Mo letters and do not own them).

“I JUST SAW THIS LITTLE COMPUTER CHIP, it wasn’t really all that little, I guess, because some chips I think are even smaller, but I think the Lord was trying to show me what the Mark of the Beast is!…..THEN I WATCHED AS THEY TOOK THE CHIP, & THIS SOUNDS HARD TO BELIEVE, I KNOW, BUT THEY SANK THE PIN INTO SOMEBODY’S FOREHEAD! I don’t know whether they’d already previously drilled a hole right in the middle in the centre of their forehead into the brain, but they inserted the pin right into that little hole in their forehead & they sliced open the flesh & made a slice right across the forehead like that (motioning), horizontally, pulled the skin back so they could put the chip inside the skin & then they pulled the skin over the chip. Then on the outside of the skin they apparently closed it up with something, it seemed like they used some kind of surgical tape or something, just taped it together, because it’s not a place where you bleed very much or anything, so that it would heal back together…….THE CHIP HAD BEEN ALL PROGRAMMED IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT NOT ONLY CARRIED YOUR NUMBER & ALL YOUR RECORDS, name, address & phone number & tax records, everything, but the shocking revelation I got in the dream was that it was not merely an identification tag just to identify you & to tell the authorities what your records were & all that, but it was to tell them even what you were thinking & to also be able to actually program your thoughts & your behaviour so that once you had that chip implanted in your forehead you were their slave!…” (THE COMPUTER CHIP DREAM!–The Brand of the Beast! DFO 1666, The Family International, David Brandt Berg, 1983)

The above extracts from the computer chip dream of Berg are beyond intriguing. What I find most intriguing is the fact that this Mo letter was written in 1983, before anyone was really mentioning any of these issues. If one objectively and logically analyzes Berg’s dream, it seems reasonable to conclude he was hearing from God, and had a vision about coming events related to the mark of the beast. At this point in time, its clearly obvious that the mark of the beast will be an advanced computer chip placed into ones forehead or hand. Many Christians, including myself, have had dreams about the mark of the beast being a microchip, so its clear God is trying to warn his people about this issue. But with the exception of recent times, Berg seems like the only individual who was warned about this issue in the 1980’s era. Could Berg’s revelation of the mark of beast microchip, validate his position as a genuine follower of God and possibly a prophet? I think any reasonable Christian who evaluates Berg’s inspired predictions of a; microchip mark of the beast, should entertain the possibility that Berg may have actually heard from God. If Berg heard from God once, then its logical to assume that he heard from God at other times, and its very possible that many of his teachings are inspired by God, even the controversial ones.

In conclusion I will state that one cannot easily brush off Berg, as some of his letters seem to be coming to pass, so its very possible there was a prophetic and divine element to the man. Love him or hate him, the man had many intriguing things to say, and he was definitely on the cutting edge of future events.

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