We Need Your Ingenuity!

Every once in a while you’ll come across something that will make you blink and think twice in the most random place.  You’re at a Yankees baseball game, and someone starts witnessing to you about the Gospel.  Or you’re at church and there’s a yoga guru or a witch visiting — (or infiltrating).   Sometimes the situation you face doesn’t fit the normal paradigm, and in those situations what do you do?  Do you take offence?  Is it justified by your set of rules to start throwing rocks?  “I’m trying to watch a baseball game, and your’e passing out tracts!”   Or, “I’m in a church, and you’re here ruining it for me!”

—Well, in the case of a witch at church, I would seriously bare in mind the fact that many witches are known to infiltrate, and that may need some extra attention and caution.  But in fact, all situations require caution for us.  I’ve been a missionary and have only had bad things happen to me in the situations where I completely had no caution.   Anywhere and everywhere, anything and everything could happen.

The point is, rather than labor for the bread that comes to nothing and only serves to please people and their usual paradigms, why not labor for the fruit that never passes away?  That’s new souls, healed broken hearts, and a lot lot more.  In the case of where we are headed, the wise shepherds and leaders of the flock are not going to be gatekeepers that keep the sheep in the pen, but rather those that look for talent and opportunity and complete the mission at whatever cost.  In our case, the idea is to spread the Gospel and spread it far and wide.  The idea is to reach out to the 1 lost sheep and leave behind the 99.  Get out there and get busy and get in the war zone, at all costs.  Truth at all costs.  The enemy is successful more often than not because he is bold and audacious, whereas most of God’s people are afraid and hiding in the trenches.   Fortune favours the bold.  In our case we need to be a lot more bold.

Would you like to make a difference?  Stop thinking only about what others think and think only what God thinks.  He’s the only one who counts at the end of days.  Make Him happy and you win.  Make others happy but fail him, and you lose all.  You can have as much of Him as you want at any time.  If you want to be in Him all the time, then give Him all the time.  If you want to be in Hell all the time, just give Hell all the time.

I have no interest in doctrine anymore or politics or man pleasing or anything else like that.  Together we will make a huge fat dent in the world if we just pull out our Swords of the Spirit in the most unlikely places and start swinging away.  Church doesn’t want or need or accept us anymore, but the world is desperate and hungry for some kind of love, or some kind of supernatural manifestation in the midst of their monotony.   In the midst of their desperation.  —Something that doesn’t fit their paradigm.  Forget those who won’t move forward — the lost are over-ripe and dying on the vine because not a single warrior will reach out to them and share something real. 

Enough preaching to the choir.  Reality is going to get 100x more weird and the battle 100x more hot!  I’m only interested in talking to real people out there who mean business, and by business that’s the business of the Spirit, the business of Heaven.  This world’s economy means nothing to me.  It’s got to be reality or else it’s worthless.

To sum up, we have very little time and very little resources and very little personnel.  It’s a desperate battle and yet it’s also an extremely satisfying one, because there are so few labourers.   Get involved with this and you’ve already got the corner on the market because there are so few who do this.  The world is yours, if you will forsake all right now, set aside anything in your heart or mind that keeps you from 100 percent following God and getting on board with what He’s doing right now.  But who wants the world?  This world is passing away.  All of Heaven is yours, and your duty is to bring all of that Heaven to the Earth at every single opportunity and in every way you can think.  We need your creativity.  We need your ingenuity and I can tell you’ve got potential.  Look at you, you’ve got exactly what we want.   Don’t think it’s a coincidence we’re talking right now.  The thing you should know is, the world is in really big trouble, and the only answer is going to be you.  God in you, but still you.   So let’s get busy.  You are important.  You are the Info- no, you are the Spirit War.   

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