Weapon of Praise

“Praise through every difficult experience, and count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations‚ knowing that the trial of your faith worketh patience (James 1:2–3). It doesn’t just say to count it all joy when you fall into a battle for righteousness’ sake, but even when you fall into diverse temptations, which could mean your own besetting sins, or mistakes, or all the little nagging annoyances of life. 35. You can be happy for all of those because they’re building in you the very things that I’m after. I’m using the full range of My tools in your life to shape you into what I want you to be. The process might sometimes be painful, but the end result is so beautiful. Stay still and happy, My faithful ones, and I know you’ll be pleased in the end with what I have wrought in your lives. Don’t get impatient or frustrated, but recognize that this is the life of My chosen vessels, and this is what you’re going to go through to reach that high crown.”

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