Weev podcast mentions TFI Demise

Anyone who knows about TFI must hear the intro to this. . .   After playing Gabe Iowa’s song COG or TFI is spoken of as “an example of what is coming to all of us”

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  1. I’m not fully conversant on this stuff, I do agree that as Larry Norman wrote in 1969 in his song “Right Here In America” : There are Christians in Russia, they meet underground, in China they’re killed when they’re found, and in Cuba the Christians meet up in the hills, because it’s not safe in the towns. And you think it can’t happen right here in America, I know you don’t believe that it’s true, but it’s happening to Christians right here in America wait til it happens to you”. So in the past certain “factions/ groups” may’ve been considered a threat or dissident or non conformist, and thus the hammer was brought down on them. Now it’s more prevalent than ever, as we have Christian bakers who refuse to bake a cake for gay wedding charged and the full force of the law hammer comes down, or a Christian photographer refuses to do a homosexual wedding, or a photo shoot of a famous tranny,, for example, Bruce/ Catilyn Jenner, and again down comes the hammer. I do not support any anti semitism in any form, yes there are those of the synagogue of Satan who say they’re Jews but are not per Yeshua, but even for them Yeshua died that they too could have a chance at redemption.

  2. Yeah I’m not supporting anti-semitism or other racist motives, here, but I’d like to reach out to their audiences! It’s interesitng ot hear other’s thoughts on this stuff. Thanks for your input brother!


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