We’re farmers of souls! We plant little seeds of the Truth of God’s Word in the empty earth of empty hearts and trust the great warm sunshine of His love and the water of His Word to bring forth the miracle of new life!
Winning souls is like farming; we must spend a lot of time plowing and sowing and watering. The farmer has to be patient. He has to work sometimes many long weary hours, days, weeks and months before he can see the fruit of his labors, but if he will really work at it, he’ll get a crop!
We must prepare the ground, soften it with our tears and our prayers and sow the Seed, but it’s up to the ground, in a way, to receive it, and only God can make it take root and grow! Then we must feed, nourish and cherish each seedling to full bloom and fruition, ripe and ready for reaping!–“That our fruit should remain!” (Jn.15:16).
C’mon, let’s go! Be faithful to His task that you may reap many for His garner and that your reward may be great! Go forth bearing precious seed and plant it in fertile fruitful receptive ground that will burst forth with fruit for Jesus!
(April 21 [#112])

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