We’re Taking the World Back

One need not be a genius to notice that the empire of Satan is crumbling before our very eyes.  Discipleship is on the rise everywhere, as is a revolt against the Illuminati Satanic system.  You are being called to either side, and it’s obvious now more than ever how decrepit the Dark Side is.  With the exposure of the pedophiles in the highest levels of the government, now the public is also finally starting to awaken.  Info Wars has essentially fulfilled their main task of returning the US government into the hands of Patriots and has inspired similar populist uprisings worldwide.

However, where is Jesus going to fit into all of this?  Doesn’t all of this sound very humanistic?  I thought God was going to do everything Himself.   I believe what we are seeing is a return to the basics.  We are seeing that the world really is run by devils and that they rightfully own the world because of what happened in the Garden of Eden not long ago.  And if the prophecies are true, this is the generation that is going to see the final culmination of everything.   Is there power in our hands?   Now more than ever, yes.  The True Authority still rests with the Lord and His Bride, or Family.  We have the ability to enter into His Courts and legally cast down strongholds over this planet.   It’s waaaay uglier than just the Pizza Gate scandal…  there are real monsters to be exposed and they will be exposed, but rather than wait for them to be unveiled on headline news, why not go hunting in the Spirit now?

The things that we are seeing in the government of man are directed by spiritual forces working behind the scenes.  That is a realm that is so mind boggling that most choose to stay within the safety and comfort of creeds and church buildings.  What happens when you truly open your eyes to the Spiritual World and find limitlessness deeper than the deepest ocean?  it’s unpredictable and that’s why most people don’t want to go there.  I’ve seen stuff that literally messes with all my precious theology of yore, and yet Jesus is still the same.  God is still God just. . .   less churchy  than even Moses David ever thought.  And the Word is more powerful and close to you, more integral to everything than I ever thought.   I guess the scary thing we’re all realizing is that we’ve all been given an incredible amount of power and abilities to access these other realms and change the entire spectrum in ways never before seen.

Let’s take a literal example.  3D printing coupled with VR brain interface will give you the ability to imagine something and then have it instantly materialize.  What about God’s technology, the Keys of the Kingdom when activated in our lives?   Time and space will also cease to constrain us after reaching this frontier.  The Spiritual Warfare is heating up, but it’s largely up to how you will wield God’s power.   The ball is in your court.  Let’s finish the job until the final cockroach, Satan, is exposed and then Jesus will totally manifest to slay him with the sword that comes from His mouth.

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