Were there CIA Elements in the Family International?

I happen to have lived inside Homes and can tell you that the CIA wouldn’t last long in there. . . in fact I know from a valid source that the CIA indeed tried to infiltrate. . . and couldn’t after a few days, because of the spiritual atmosphere in the old days of one of the homes. I’m sure there were problems, most of the people on this forum complain a lot but they totally discount the miraculous nature of God’s Spirit and the way He leads His children. The CIA to this day has fought TFI and their main propagandist on CNN has made numerous hit pieces against them. (Anderson Cooper is a self-admitted CIA agent). So don’t get too carried away with conspiracies YET. Although I would bet that they had some hand in the way the Family has suddenly quit, and all members fired, including practically everyone in WS. that is weird. What happened to all the prophecies about the “Endtime Church?” Almost all the viewpoints in the MO Letters were more accurate than anyone ever knew, and more valid today than when they were written then. So how is it the Family has seemingly ceased to exist? Perhaps there is your conspiracy, my friend.

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