What Exactly is Happening in Taiwan? REVOLUTION!

Brace yourselves for this weekend, as now more and more students and energetic activists are getting ready to show up at the Taiwanese Parliament to perform their own version of an Occupy movement.  Only today, we know how monumental and catastrophic these sorts of things can be.
From China Post’s Article come some very glaringly alarming facts written in a matter-of-fact prose just as to what is happening there.  So far, the government has remained silent.  Obviously, as we have seen in Ukraine, Crimea and with the incredible speech given by Vladimir Putin a few days ago, things can literally geographically change in a matter of hours.  As to what happens here, don’t expect a big change in Taiwan to be a simple ho-hum “oh, now they’re part of such-and-such a country.”  This small but influential populace has the potential to completely alter the entire world.  If there is no Taiwan, there is no internet.  There are no motherboards.   And put simply, according to their constitution, Taiwan is the original government and head of the Chinese Mainland.   T his is a fact that is very seldom quoted but when I researched and found this out I finally understood why there were so many tensions between the two countries.  Of course today’s government makes no such claim about the Mainland, but put in simple terms, it would be as though there were a Soviet Communist-style takeover of the United States, requiring the elected government to displace itself on a neighboring island, say, Cuba.  From there they would always maintain that they were the original U.S., only displaced on the Island of Cuba.  
OK enough with the history, now is now (but it is important for foreigners to understand the situation.  Let’s start with the fact that Taiwan is indeed not Thailand, as many Americans may confuse it to be).
In any case, the revolution is happening now, and although there has been close to zero analysis or reporting on these events, I can say from my own experience first hand that there is electricity in the air.  Will what happens here in any way resemble the events we have just witnessed in Europe?   Will people figure out that as many other countries are, president Ma and Obama and most of the E.U. officials are controlled and manipulated by Big Bankers and Elites who have their own nefarious agenda of a One World Government?  For more info on that I do recommend infowars.com as a valid source of education on this whole complex yet simple matter.  People need to identify what they are fighting for and Taiwan, being a small neighborhood is a microcosm for the rest of us in other countries to learn from.
As to what happens in the Parliament, that’s for the youth of Taiwan to decide.  Will the government come out and face them?  We can only wait and see.  I don’t think they want another Kiev situation here.  The majority are all supporting the students and protesters.   No matter where I go, if I speak to a Taiwanese person the reaction they all have towards this is “It’s Party Time.”  And the place for the party is the Legislative Yuan, or Parliament of the government of Taiwan.   Do not be distracted by missing airplanes, my friend, for the real story now is a political one, and things are getting hot!
taiwan_china_trade_pact_protest_twn02 E320ST06HF_2014資料照片_copy1 taiwan parliament 300 Taiwan China Protest

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