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January 5 2013
Having meetings with different Christians, regarding future events.  The purpose of this site, is to quietly put out there a lot of secret Christian material that perhaps you have never heard of, and I certainly never did.  It is only fair that it exists in a reachable place for that wandering lost disciple.  If you are not called for that, then this is not for you.  Get your “fire insurance” of salvation by praying the prayer and getting Jesus in your life.  But know this:  There is Much Much More!  I just had a dream that is for me, a new years resolution to go deeper into the Spirit than ever before, to commit more fully to being in that Realm and excercising prayer.  I want to go for the Melchizedek Priesthood Teaching!  I’m going to seek those things which are above.  Who else wants to go?  This is a mountain that anyone can climb, but I don’t see many others doing it.  Grab those Keys of the Kingdom to use as ballasts as you scale the rock face.  Don’t look down, but look at Jesus!  IMMORTALITY. . . TAKE IT . . . IT’S YOURS!!!
Also I am posting a lot of the “Phoenix Prophecies” which are a collection of Word Studies in the New Wine and my own spirit trips and conversations with different angels and departed saints and Jesus Himself, of course.  These are quite personal and even difficult for me to put out there, but I’m just doing it because it’s what I wish other people would do. . .  PUBLISH THE THINGS THE LORD IS GIVING YOU AND MAKE IT AVAILABLE!  Anyway, it boosts my faith in it, too.  God bless you!

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