Whistleblower w/ Asylum in Russian Has Epstein Videos, What’s on Them? Why the Media is Silent?


John Mark Dougan, the Palm Beach ex Sheriff turned whistleblower, rejoins the program to discuss the explosive news regarding the Epstein videos he currently has in possession. The story first came to light when the Times of London published the story after (it is believed) the FBI leaked the information to MI6 regarding the Epstein videos John Dougan acquired and still has today. The story alleges that the FBI is involved in a mass coverup of the Epstein crime and blackmail spree which involves the who who of the rich and powerful around the world. John Dougan concurs, stating that the FBI has enough information to prosecute regardless if Epstein is alive or dead. This is an explosive story that needs to get out to the American Public. While the rest of the Western world has learned this story, the United States has been kept in the dark.

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