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Around one year ago, I got a call from the Lord to start up a website which I did, and I called the website reptilian dimension (reptiliandimension.wordpress.com). The website was dedicated to providing information to truth seekers of the most alternative kind, the website dived into the information that only the weirdest of the weird explored. I was not trying to win a popularity contest through my website, I just wanted to get the information out there. One of the main topics my website covered was, the Jesuit’s, as the Lord showed me he really wanted people to be aware of them, as they were the Christian’s number one enemy after the devil. My website also covered topics ranging from: demons, aliens, underground bases, Christianity, religion, nephilim and a variety of other conspiracies. One of the first people who took an interest in my website was Michael Basham, who left a number of encouraging messages for me about my site. I decided to visit Michael’s website to discover more about this visitor, and I discovered he was interested in the same topics as myself. I also noticed that Michael had an interest in the Jesuit Order, and with the theories of demons and aliens (a subject few Christians address, with the exception of Steve Quayle and a few others). Upon evaluating Michael Basham’s website and linked youtube channel, I discovered this person was addressing many issues that many Christians simply did not want to deal with.

I also discovered that Michael Basham was a member of the controversial Christian group; The Family InternationalMichaelBashampic1 (previously known as The Children of God). I did know a reasonable amount about The Family, even before I met Michael, as I know The Family has been involved in homeless charity ministries over the years (which I think is fantastic). I had also looked into The Family International in the past, as I have been researching religious and spiritual groups for years. I have researched: the Mormons, Jehovah witnesses, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Satanist’s, New Agers, Occultist’s, various Christian denomination’s and groups, and I’ve also researched the Family International recently and in the past. More recently I have also had the opportunity to hear Michael Basham’s personal testimony of how he came to join; the Family International. I must say I was impressed with his testimony and journey of faith.

Right: a picture of Michael Basham, teaching Christian philosophy and spirituality in one of his regular youtube videos.

Michael Basham was originally born into a family of devoted Christians, and his grandfather, Don Basham, was actually in ministry with well known Christian minister, Derek Prince. According to Wikipedia, Don Basham was actually submitted to the spiritual leadership of Derek Prince. This does give me a lot of faith in Michael Basham and his background, as Derek Prince is one of the few Christian preachers that I would actually recommend anyone listen to. Derek Prince may have been one of the greatest Christian preachers of our time, who conducted a no nonsense ministry and was only concerned with getting Bible truth out there. Derek Prince preached on a variety of topics which included: healing, deliverance, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, generational curses, salvation and many others. In the past I listened to a generational curses teaching by Derek Prince, that was probably one of the best teachings I ever heard. The fact that Don Basham was submitted to Derek Prince in ministry, definitely proves that he was a genuine Christian who taught much truth. Don Basham also planted a church in Florida with Derek Prince. Don Basham definitely achieved a lot in his life, and he worked with some of the greatest Christian personalities of our time. According to Michael Basham, he who grew up being taught many spiritual truths from his grandfather and family members. Michael Basham continues to share many of his grandfathers teachings through his websites and blogs. It is my personal opinion that most of Don Basham’s teachings are sound doctrine, and would definitely be beneficial to a persons spiritual growth. Michael Basham definitely comes from one of the best Christian bloodlines that a person could be born into. It would be logical to believe that Michael Basham was raised in an environment which consisted of: Bible studies, Christian conferences and mature Christian sermons and teachings. It would be fair to say that Michael Basham is a mature Christian, with much valuable insight into the Christian faith.

After being raised in a Christian environment, Michael Basham began studying at University, and was eventually led to continue his studies at a University in Japan in his early 20’s. While studying in Japan, Michael met a girl who was a member of, the Family International (formerly known as the Children of God), who led him into joining; the Family International. This was definitely a change for Michael, as he would be joining a new Christian group, that had alternative and progressive doctrines relating to: eschatology, sex, marriage, lifestyle and so forth. At this point, Michael had to leave his university studies, forsake all (just like the disciples did in the Bible), and join this new Christian group. Upon joining the group, Michael would have been involved in evangelism (preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ) in public places to non-believers, and he was also living in a commune with a number of people and families (the group followed the book of Acts doctrine of living together and sharing all things). The Family International is also involved in much charity work, so I’m also assuming Michael engaged in a lot of charity work that involved helping those in need. Michael remained a steadfast full time member of the Family International for a number of years. Michael’s membership in the Family International, also gives a lot of credibility to the Family International, because Michael was a mature Christian instructed in the Bible, and I’m sure he joined the Family based on his own sound judgement. Being a mature Christian as Michael was, and having been raised and instructed by some of the greatest Christian minds of our time, I’m certain his decision to join the Family International, was based on the word of God and through the Holy Ghost. The fact that an individual linked to Derek Prince joined the Family International, does add much integrity to the group. It seems many of those who have joined the Family International, consist of very mature Christians with years of Bible training, who in some way, have been looking for something more, and they seemed to find it with the Family International (aka: COG).

Michael Basham certainly has a lot in common with David Brandt Berg, as Berg’s mother was a well known healing evangelist, who was supernaturally healed of a chronic back problem by God. Berg’s mother was a well known healing evangelist in the Christian church. Berg was also raised in a zealous Christian environment. Karen Zerby was also raised by a Christian minister and came from a similar background to Michael Basham, before joining the Family International. It’s intriguing to evaluate the backgrounds of some of the people who have joined, the Family International (aka: COG). The Family International could be said to consist of many experienced and mature Christian believers. According to the testimony of Michael Basham, being a full time member of The Family International, included studying the Bible for at least two hours per day. This Bible study certainly would have increased his spiritual growth, and complimented his previous Bible training and Christian upbringing. Michael Basham was a full time member of the Family International for many years, and held the rank of FD (full time disciple) in the organization. This rank meant he was committed to the activities (evangelism, bible study, charity work etc) of the group full time. On a personal note, I really admire Michael’s commitment and determination, to work in the ministry of Christian service for so long.

In 2010, when the Family International changed some of its policies, Michael Basham was forced to leave the commune environment, and he went back to his studies at University, and he has also been teaching English in Taiwan. According to Michael, he received a personal prophecy from God about resuming his studies, before he left the Family International commune environment. Due to changes in Family International policy and his work commitments, Michael is at present, loosely connected to the Family International.

Michael’s present ministries consist of two websites: starsword.wordpress.com & warriorswithoutborders.wordpress.com

Michael also has a youtube channel called; keyblades, where he regularly uploads teachings on a variety of: Christian subjects, conspiracy theories and current events. Michael’s websites and youtube channel also contain official teachings, penned by David Brandt Berg and other Family International leaders.

Michael Basham would have to be one of the most genuine and sincere Christian believers that I have met. I definitely believe this individual is filled with the Holy Ghost, and has been involved in committed Christian service for years. His testimony and personal walk with God is definitely an example of the fine work, the Family International is doing. Michael Basham’s personal life certainly contradicts the hateful allegations, that are often made against the Family International and it’s members.

I was recently invited to be a writer and contributor on the warriors without borders blog by Michael Basham, and it’s been a real honor to contribute and be a part of this website blog.

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