Why an End Time Prophet?

Strangely enough, I think this is one of the shyest, hardest to find doctrines hidden away in the annals of the Family Word.  Why?  The fact that there was a prophet fore-mentioned in the Bible who came to us in this modern age is a big deal!  To those who can receive it, This Was The David That Was Spoken Of By The Prophets!   But it is because we are not to bring so much attention to ourselves or any fallen sinful man that I think this has been a seldom discussed aspect of the Family.  Even the leadership of the Family themselves– mostly Mama and Dad, or Maria (Karen Zerby) and David (David Berg)  hardly ever mentioned themselves in ANY of the literature that was brought forth.  And this is indeed another sign of a true prophet— “He shall glorify Me” THAT is the sign of the Holy Spirit!
But I am researching many things now, and the more I learn the more I think back to those invisible leaders of the Family and think, “waaaiiit-a-second!  Who were they!”  and what I find is simply astounding.  And there is more to come.  Is it possible?  Could Maria also be in the Bible?  Why the name Maria?
I believe that David was the Endtime prophet.  He came, he went, just like John the Baptist.  Jesus Himself said of John the Baptist: he was Elijah, If You Could Receive It.  But John himself did not say this.  So perhaps John was able to carry out his mission as the re-incarnation of John without believing this hard-truth.  This is the kind of stuff that stretches your faith!  John was just a man, too, but if you look at him, he did live out in the wild, kind of like Elijah, and had a similar attitude, a rough, kind of blunt holy-man attitude that faced kings directly and spoke out against their evil.
Jesus knew these things, and mentioned them, but it’s interesting how rarely these topics are brought up.  What about David?
David the King was a sexy person, who made a lot of mistakes.  So was David Berg.  David the King also had a band of Mighty Men.  So did David Berg.  David the King had an intimate relationship with the Lord, and was an artist, a prophet, and also a warrior.  In this age of the information war and spiritual weapons, so was David Berg~!  I know this sounds so strange, but the lines do add up.
I spoke with a Seer named Jerry Lee who told me straight up:  David will return during the EndTimes, set up a nation, and his children shall rule the Earth.  Now this person who told me this did not know about the David Prophecies received by the Family.  And those prophecies, which I have compiled here on this website, were given not only by Family people themselves but by external Christians who could never have known what they were saying.  This is not a coincidence.
Incidently the Seer Prophet Jerry Lee also said some things about Mary Magdalene which got me thinking:  If David Berg is the David of the End, then what about Maria?  There were many prophecies in the MO Letters about her, but what about in the Bible?  Is it possible that there are connections to a romantic, intimate relationship with the Lord both today and in the days of old which we were not told about?  I have had dreams, and David Berg also had visions about Jesus having intimate relations with Mary Magdalene.  That sounds heretical to most, but hear me out:  IF this were true, and if Mary represented the Lord’s Bride in the Father’s House as Jerry Lee has mentioned, then might there not be a connection to this Maria of the End, who has introduced to us the Loving Jesus weapon and more or less created thousands if not tens of thousands of potential Lovers of the King?  Also note the fact that there were prophecies that the Family would be known not just as “the people of the keys” but as “the Lovers of the Lord,” or something along those lines.
Rather than doubting these prophecies, as you can see, I have taken great pleasure in both believing them and searching out further details concerning them.  I invite you to add your own comments or ideas along these lines.

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  1. Like you, i believe these prophecies given about David (Dad) and Maria (Mama) will be fulfilled. How many times we read the phrase ” I will not lie unto David”


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