Why Must We Keep Ourselves in the Love of God?

Hi guys, and gals, just your friendly neighborhood Michael Basham here, musing during a late night between translating Chinese comics into English and studying for a Hawai’ian Real Estate exam.

I found out the Amazon Kindle has a text-aloud feature through bluetooth headphones and have been experimenting with it, finding myself going through old notes of yester-year and finally listening to a clump of forgotten MO-Letters about Heaven’s Children and spirit travel. For the most part, it’s very spiritually uplifting reading despite what we all know took place behind the scenes with the Children of God (not quite as bad as the new Summer horror movie “MIDSOMMER” but pedophilia is a horrible horrible nasty thing to have lurking about nonetheless).

I recalled how when I was training in missionary work around the world we were shown that every day it is important for the worker of God to be constantly filling themselves with the truth and more truth and nothing but the Truth, i.e. The Bible and good sound teaching and foundational Spirit-Filled community around This Book. The minimum. –MINIMUM was about 2 hours per day of solid feeding for your soul. This is where I felt this question bubble up inside:

Why must we “keep ourselves in the Love of God?” (Jude 1:21)

because outside “are the habitations of cruelty.” (Psalm 74:20)

In this world you have 90 million things (not exaggerating) every day, moment, or hour trying to pull you down into the dregs of its death. Enter ye in at the straight gate. For wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. (Matt 7:13)


I don’t care how busy you are. If you are one of the living and active spiritual warriors in the fight today, you need to be getting a steady strong influx of truth or fellowship either physically or digitally with those who dive into the truth regularly or you’ll be taken out of this war before you know it! I’ve seen it happen countless times. That is not the all-in-one fail safe, for there are also key integral necessities such as courage to do what is right and stand up for the truth even when others are falling away around you. But having your shields up, as they say in Star-Trek will greatly assist your being able to fend off the negative nasty that we all come into contact with in this cruel, cruel world. Let us not be overcome by evil, but overcome the world with good. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you!

Well enough from me for now. . . time to get back to translating and studying. . . don’t forget to subscribe to the myriads of shows and spiritually uplifting content you can find on the Fringe Radio Network as well as at Christ-Consciousness home base with many of our friends… we love you!


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