why the battles?

You ask why–why the battles, why the trials? That’s easy. It’s a simple answer: I wanted you to understand! I wanted you to be able to feel the infirmities of those that you work with, those that you serve. I wanted you to be able to feel the pain, to be able to be touched by their infirmities so that you could understand!
I have also grown you up. You have grown! You have become a new creature! Many old things have passed away and many things have become new, because you did battle! You battled, and now you’re being made strong. You battled, and now you understand. You cried, and you understand what it means to cry, to hurt, to feel lonely, to feel pain. This is why I’ve brought you through this.
These are the reasons for your trials and for your pain. Now you’ve got a foundation that’s strong, so continue to build on that foundation by feeding on My Spirit and My Word. Let Me break you and make you the person that I’ve wanted you to be all along. Don’t worry or fear. Have faith in My love. Have faith in My breakings. Have faith in the trials. Because when they’ve done their work, you’ll be as fine gold–gold that is pure and gives help, gold that can do great and mighty things! Gold is a special and precious thing. Be thankful for those trials. Be thankful for those hard times, because now you’re able to appreciate the joy and the beauty of My salvation, the joy and beauty of My Spirit! Now you’re able to appreciate and understand what it means to be happy, the contrast of sadness and joy, of hate and love. Now you understand. This is why, My child, this is why.
(From Jesus with Love 1)

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