Will the Family Rise Again?


Everything we believed is real. All of it.

We need our identity back.  We need to get agressive.  ISIS is aggressive and their “disciples” are training hard, memorizing the Koran and on the offensive.  Why does that sound familiar?  Who else do I know that used to do that?

I’m putting a shoutout out to all disciples who feel burned-out out there.  Let’s meet out in the Spirit somewhere and rebuild!  God is not done with us.   Praise God for what He will do. It’s time to get our country back. . .   The Country that is Above.

Are you one of the soldiers who has lost his cause?  There is a place for you.  Rise!  Face the Light.   You are a gate between Heaven and this world, and the Kingdom of God is within you.   All these words we took for granted for so long are coming true now, with the Mark of the Beast (people won’t even be using cell phones in 5 years any more because it will all be in their heads)

Give me revolution or give me death!  This is your hour.  Which kingdom is inside of you?   Let’s shake off the dust from our keys turned to swords and get in the game!  The Final Key is in place.  It is opening a portal within everybody, just like CERN is opening a hell gate in everyone.  Things are about to get a lot better and a lot worse.

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  1. I think it would be good seeing TFI become full time missionaries again. When I walk through the city I’m confronted by a number of groups who preach false salvation doctrines that lead people away from salvation. There’s a lot of missionaries in my city but many of them are the wrong ones. I’m sure you read my article a while back about how some missionary told me the only way I could be saved was by believing that New Jerusalem was a female version of God married to Jesus. This was the craziest thing I ever heard and it is inspiring me to get out and hand out tracts, because if nobody else is getting truth out then I will have to do it myself. TFI definitely preaches a Biblical John 3:16 message and this message needs to get out into the community, because the cults are preaching doctrines that lead people away from the salvation by faith message. TFI is definitely not a cult because they preach the john 3:16 message. A cult is a group who don’t preach the Biblical salvation message. I value the effort you put in Michael and I do hope TFI goes full time again. God bless ya


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