WISDOM SPIRIT TRIP – Scrolls, Mountains, Thrones, Seeing in the Spirit Etc.

<Wisdom> It has been a while since we talked, but I have interspersed many words in your dialogues with your spirit helpers. Do not worry!
<me> My Wisdom how time has flown by! And I feel I have hardly invested enough time in searching out matters of the Spirit. But please come before me, and lead me. I need t go to the throne of Judgement, and to know my scroll, and any other stuff.
<Wisdom>  The things of the Spirit may seem far of, but they are weighty, and yet since you are not in the circle of the Christians who take these things according to their church spirit, but you have been set free from the church spirit, you may travel much freer than you think. Just let go of your own way and your own understanding, and go fully and completely into the Spirit in the Lord’s Will.
SHE LED ME THROUGH MANY CORRIDORS AND CHAMBERS, AND WE PASSED SEVERAL OTHER COURTS, WHERE MANY CHRISTIANS SAINTS AND ANGELS WERE GATHERED. IT WAS AS IF THIS ‘MEETING HEAVEN’ WHERE ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF SOULS WERE GATHERED TOGETHER TO DISCUSS VARIOUS DEEP MATTERS OF THE SPIRIT, AND EVEN THINGS CONNECTED TO THE EARTH. I was kind of dizzy from all the names and titles and different procedures being worked on, but then I realized that this was in deed the government of Heaven, from which various important legislature and decrees were being issued forth, translating into the military operations I was so used to down below, with various angels and warriors duking it out in the thick of it all. This was when I realized the importance of first being a warrior before trying to ascend the social ladder of government. I realized this was not something to throw at new Christians, but we had to learn how to fight first.
<Wisdom>  I think you’re getting it, slowly, Michael. Well you just maintain your position as a servant of all, and be a small one in your own eyes, not looking to the right or to the left, but let me help you to retrain your focus on the Lord in all the small things and the big things. We will not leave you comfortless, you will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and given chance to truly share the complete goodness and love with the world.
I LOOKED UP AT WISDOM, WHO WAS QUITE TALL. She was also quite sexy, and it was hard not to stare, as she stood out rather pleasantly.
<Wisdom>  Are you shy, Michael? Do not care what others think of you, but only what God thinks. I tell you the truth, you are more concerned about other’s opinions than God’s when you are afraid of sex. It is not because you’re afraid of what God will say, but what people will say that you stay clear from sex, and your dreams mirror this. Be less inhibited!
OK Amen!

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