WORD BOOST! -Excerpts of Prophecies … and spiritual art!

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  1. We have claimed this victory for You, Lord. Get thee hence, Satan! You have no business here!
  2. The Enemy doesn’t stand a chance against us‚ as we wield the keys You’ve given us and refuse to give him an inch.
  3. Through Your power we will defeat the Enemy, crush him‚ and give him a walloping to remember. We are destined to be the victors, because You have made it so!
  4. Nothing can stand in the way of the victory that You’ve promised us, sweet Lover. It’s ours for the taking because You have spoken it.
  5. The Enemy has already been overcome through Your Word. With the help of the keys, we will completely rout him and destroy his attempts to regroup.
  6. We claim the keys of _____________ [name of keys] to work on our behalf. This situation will be resolved, and the victory will be apparent, according to Your will.
  7. You have given us the key of _____________ [name of key]. We claim it in order to rid this situation of any punks or hinderers, and to bring about a decisive victory, which You are more than capable of, dear Love.
  8. We command you, Satan, to leave at once–and take all of your accomplices with you. You haven’t got a chance, because we’ve called on the keys of _____________ [name of keys]!
  9. This is our oath. We will stand and fight and will never give in. Let the hordes of Hell come against us‚ and by the power of the keys, we will overcome!
  10. We are not looking at the obstacles, Lord, but rather at the power of Your keys of the Kingdom. We are standing fast in Your will, and we are standing back to see You do the miracle of ____________ [specify the miracle].
  11. Jesus, You told us to put You to the test and command You to do the miracle. So we’re obeying and we’re testing You right now! We’re calling on the keys and we command You to do this miracle of __________ [specify miracle]. We know You won’t fail to answer our desperate prayer!
  12. Lord, we are facing a seemingly impossible situation here, but You have said that that’s the perfect time to call on the keys of miracles. So we are claiming them right now, and we are asking You to perform for us what we can’t do. We know You won’t disappoint us!
  13. You said that we can state what we need, and in the power of the keys it will be granted to us. So we call on the keys, and trust that it will be done!
  14. Every time we call on the keys, we know that our prayers are heard and answered in the best way possible.
  15. The keys always bring the best results, so we call on them now for what we cannot do in the physical.
  16. The keys will do it. So we’re asking for a miracle in the name of the keys‚ knowing that it will be done.
  17. We will have what we need when we call on the keys. Thank You, Jesus, for staying true to Your word and coming through for us again and again.
  18. We will win! We will be victorious, because You have promised it through Your all-empowering keys.
  19. No fiery dart can hit us, no flood of evil can drown us; nothing will stop us as we wield the unbeatable keys.
  20. With the key and weapon of praise we can smile through any difficulties, because we know that we are right and we will win.
  21. We laugh at Satan’s calamities! All his machinations are turned upon his own head as we claim the keys of ____________ [name of keys].
  22. We seize victory through the keys of ________ [name of keys]; we will never surrender.
  23. With the offensive weapon of the keys we are untouchable to hindering demons.
  24. With the keys we are fireproof, pressure proof! Nothing can touch us without Your explicit permission, Jesus.
  25. We will win this battle–not by might, nor by power, but through the undefeatable weapon of praise!
  26. We call on the keys of dependence! We lean on You and put our will completely on Your side. You are our Rock and our Strength. You are our Miracle Worker!
  27. In the midst of darkness Your key of enlightenment will give us light. In the midst of turmoil Your key of peace and faith will give us calm. In the midst of trials Your key of victory will give us surcease from the battle. In the midst of sadness Your key of joy will lighten our heart. We claim the power of these keys to bring these promised things to us, in Your Name!
  28. Your Word cannot fail, Jesus. We claim Your promises to bring to pass what we have asked for in prayer. We stand on Your Word and command You to fulfill it! Here we stand; we can do no other!
  29. Sweet Love, we call on the power of the keys and the Wildcats of Heaven to rip to shreds any obstacles or disruptions of the Enemy.
  30. We praise You, praise You, praise You, our sweet Love, for Your key power and for the victory that we know is assured.
  31. You’re our Mega Brain, and we praise You for Your key power and how You always outsmart our enemies.
  32. We praise You, awesome Savior, that Heaven and Earth can pass away, but Your words will never pass away, and Your key power will never fail.
  33. We wield the key of intimate love as we cling to You, sweet Husband, and watch the power of Your keys go to work answering our prayers in this situation.
  34. Great Deliverer, it’s time for You to do another miracle. We call on Your key power to win the victory and manifest Your love for us, Your brides.
  35. Because God and the power of the keys are for us, who can be against us?
  36. Lord, we praise You for everything that You have done, and are doing, and will yet do, through the power of the keys.
  37. We love You, Jesus! You’re awesome! We praise You for the inevitable victory, as we claim the key of _____ [name of key].
  38. The keys are power from Heaven and will do mighty exploits. We claim them now for miracles and wonders and answers.
  39. We rebuke you, _____ [name of demon], and in the name of the keys we order you to vanish and be gone!
  40. We reach out for the miracle that You have promised, dear Jesus! Please answer according to our faith.
  41. We claim the key of _____ [name of key], and as we hold it high‚ we access all of Heaven’s unfailing power.
  42. We hold the keys; they cannot fail. We call on the keys; they cannot be stopped.
  43. We stand on the power of the keys; we will rise above.
  44. We unleash the power of the keys on you, Satan, and every demon in your domain! You have no power here, because the keys rule! We command you to leave in the power of the keys!
  45. We will not doubt the keys. Though the outlook is dark, the keys will conquer all.
  46. We release the power of the key of ______ [name of key] to fight this battle and win!
  47. Deliver the power of the keys into our hands. In the power of the keys of _______ and _______ [name of keys], we defy and resist the power of the rulers of the darkness of this world.
  48. Stop! In the power of the keys of the Kingdom we command you, _____ [name of demon], to leave!
  49. I call on the keys for the answers of Heaven at the touch of my faith!
  50. Release Your ______ [fill in blank with what you’re praying to receive] to me through the key of faith!
  51. Fill me with the seeds of Your Spirit, as I call on the keys of humility and desperation.
  52. Jesus, pour forth to me in abundance Your _______ [insert gift or blessing desired], more than I can contain! I claim Your infilling through the power of the keys!
  53. Jesus, I ask You to remove my filthy rags of pride and selfishness, and clothe me with Your garment of humility by Your keys of meekness and love for others.
  54. I ask, through the keys of obedience, to be filled with Your Spirit of yieldedness. Fill me with the desire to please and obey You‚ Jesus, and to let You have full sway in my life!
  55. I ask You, my Husband, to renew my spirit through the keys of rejuvenation! Wash me clean with Your elixir of regeneration!
  56. Set me free today from the bondage of the Enemy, from _______ [name the particular sin or weakness or demon], through the power of the keys of liberty!
  57. I claim the keys of containment‚ and ask them to enclose and surround my heart, and protect me from any further attacks of the Enemy!
  58. Through the keys of deliverance, I command you‚ _______ [name demon], to flee from my heart and mind! Go back to Hell, and torment me no more!
  59. I rebuke you, _______ [name demon], and the hold you have had on my heart and mind. I cast you out and down to the pits of Hell, never to return, by the power of the keys!
  60. I call on the keys of revolution, and I determine in my heart right now that I will revolute and remain revolutionary, turned around from the way I was going before. I want to follow You, Jesus, down the road of Your will in my life from now on!
  61. Through the keys of determination I ask You, Jesus, to help me to make it, to lift the load, to go the distance, to uphold the standard, and to accept and use Your anointing to fulfill the ministry You’ve called me to.
  62. I claim the keys of victory! I will not accept defeat! Hell no, I haven’t even begun to fight!
  63. I call on the keys of endurance, and ask You, Jesus, to help me keep holding on to You! When I feel my own strength is entirely spent and I can’t hold on any longer, please don’t let go of my hand.
  64. I stand on the keys of heavenly thought power, and ask You, Jesus, to fill my mind with Your thoughts. I want to be totally possessed by You, my Husband and Lover!
  65. Give me the keys of freedom! Give me liberty or give me death! I’d rather die for You, Jesus, and Your cause, than to live for myself and the things of this world!
  66. I call on the keys of a fighting spirit! I want to fight and live and die for You, Jesus, my Family, and the truth!
  67. Give me the keys of overcoming the Enemy! Help me to take a stand, to be willing to die daily for You, Jesus, my brothers and sisters, and the lost!

(Power-Packed Prayer Potions [#3670])
Climbing into the vessel of faith

  1. (Mama:) Many men still have a rough time imagining themselves as women in spirit, and so the more explicit or descriptive types of love words are really difficult for them to say. Someone recently asked, “Are men supposed to get comfortable with saying those kinds of things, even though they’re probably going to have to say them out of faith forever, and not really be able to imagine it comfortably? If it still feels like a turnoff to them, should they keep trying? Or does the Lord want them to love Him some other way? What is the goal?”
  2. (Jesus:) First let Me say again how much I love your love for Me. Eloquent or simple, shy or bold, colorful or plain, your love for Me is beautiful to Me, and I appreciate every bit of it. I know it costs to love Me. It costs to follow Me. It’s in My Word, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me” (Luke 9:23). You give a lot to be one of My disciples, and I want to remind you that I see every sacrifice, and each one will be repaid a hundredfold.
  3. I want to remind you of that, because to answer your question, I’m going to shoot straight with you. But I don’t want you to take it as being unfeeling or that I don’t understand what it costs you. I really do. And I greatly appreciate all that you’ve already given. But in order to help you reach your full potential, I’m going to lay things out very clearly, so that you can make the progress that you’ve always wanted to make.
  4. It’s really all very simple. The carnal mind fights, absolutely fights, against the Spirit of God. That’s what is happening in your minds and why you are facing these questions‚ dear friends of Mine. The carnal mind just cannot understand the things of the spirit. The things of the spirit don’t make sense to the carnal mind. They seem illogical, wrong, off on a tangent, and unreasonable.
  5. But the point is this: I am a sexy God. Sex is the whole driving force behind procreation, and I made it that way. I made sex the engine by which life emanates and multiplies. That’s how integral a part of creation it is. It is the mechanism that creation uses to procreate, to multiply with. It’s an important part of life.
  6. The thing about the spirit world is that in the spirit you can be either male or female or neither. It’s not a big deal. In the flesh, yes, it is a big deal, and your carnal mind is saying, “But I don’t have a pussy and there’s no way I want one!” That’s the carnal mind fighting against the facts of the spirit.
  7. In some ways it shows that you are still children in spirit. But that’s okay. I understand. I lived on Earth and I often had to reconcile the difference between the spirit and the flesh. I too had to make that leap of realizing that the spiritual had to have dominance in My life because I was going to live eternally in the spiritual world, the real world, whereas the physical world was just for a time. So My Father helped Me to make the leap and to live in the spirit whilst upon Earth.
  8. That’s the trouble some of you men are having. You are having trouble making that leap away from your carnal mind and living the principles I’ve asked you to live in the spirit.
  9. The fact of the matter, though, is that in the spirit My role is the male. In the spirit you are My bride, the receiver of My seeds‚ and I am the giver of the seeds. If you want to receive My seeds inside of you, you must be the receptor, which is simply called the female. The male is the one who gives the seeds, and the female is the one who receives them and produces the fruit. That’s how it happens in the spiritual. You could be either, or both, but I’ve asked you to be the female, the receiver‚ because I have the seed and am therefore the male.
  10. In the carnal world, things are solidified into categories. In the carnal world you can’t be a woman because you are a man, and there are no two ways about it. So if you’re thinking in your carnal mind that you have to be a woman, that doesn’t make sense and it’s a turnoff. Basically, you can deduce that if you’re getting turned off by the fact that I want you to be a woman in spirit, you’re thinking with your carnal mind.
  11. Yes, I want you to make the leap. No, you don’t have to make it, and I will still love you if you choose not to. But I want to make the point clear that if you don’t make the leap into the mind of the Spirit, well, you have done just that-you haven’t made the leap out of your carnal mind. I’m not condemning you for this‚ but you do, for your own sake, need to realize that you are being led by your carnal mind in that decision.
  12. I want you to know this because it’s the truth, and I don’t want you rejecting that truth or your carnal mind will start thinking falsities about those who are making the leap to the mind of the Spirit, and you will start justifying your decision by saying My truths are wrong and your carnal mind is right.
  13. So if you don’t make the leap of faith into the spiritual mind, it is very important to realize that you are choosing the carnal mind to think and view things from, and that there is a world beyond it that is completely different. The spiritual realm is true; it has another dimension to it that you just can’t understand in your natural, carnal mind. It’s very important for you to realize this truth, otherwise you open yourself up to strong delusion; you start believing something that isn’t true in order to justify your choice in your thinking.
  14. So the answer to your question is that of course I do hope you will keep trying to love Me in this way. Will you ever get comfortable with it? Yes, for sure. Once you get here and have the mind of the Spirit, you will not just be comfortable with it, but you’ll see the dimension I’ve invited you into while you were still living linearly in the flesh, and what a privilege it was to have that opportunity. You might feel a little embarrassed then for your carnality whilst on Earth‚ but that’s okay. As I said, I understand that and I don’t demean you for it. It’s simply important for you to know that there are worlds beyond your carnal mind that are open to you if you want to grow and take that leap.
  15. It’s difficult, I understand. But it’s very possible, and if you make that leap you will receive strength of the spirit that will be like meat to your growth, adding muscles for the times you have ahead of you.
  16. That’s one reason I’ve invited you into this realm of the spirit even now while you’re in the flesh, because by doing so it will be like working out with weights and growing your muscles so that the battles ahead will be easier for you. But that’s another topic in itself.
  17. So will you ever be comfortable leaving your carnal mind behind and entering into intimate lovemaking with Me? Yes, for sure. Here on Earth? That depends on how much you get out of your carnal mind. Normally the more you do it and the less you think about it, the more you get used to it and the less hold your carnal mind has on you to demean the things of the spirit. If you are quite bound by your carnal mind, then of course it will fight against this. So in a major way how comfortable you become has to do with how much you let go of your carnal way of thinking and yield to My Spirit.
  18. That’s the way it always is, isn’t it? It’s got to be by faith, because the carnal mind fights against the Spirit, so the only way into the Spirit is by the vessel of faith. The carnal mind simply cannot get there, and if you are trying to reason it out in your carnal mind, you will not get there.
  19. There’s a gap between the spiritual reality and your carnal mind, and the only entranceway there is by getting into the vessel of faith and making that step or leap of faith, whatever it is to you. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a step or a leap, because the vessel of faith can bridge that gap no matter how big it is. The main point is that it takes faith. Your own carnal thoughts and reasoning will never bridge the gap.
  20. So, if you are going to take the step, make the leap, and bridge the gap, then at some point you are going to have to make a decision of faith. Either I am telling you the truth and you want to follow it‚ or I am telling the truth and you do not have the faith to follow it that far.
  21. Or, you may figure I’m not telling the truth because it doesn’t sound reasonable to your carnal mind, and rather than pull yourself out of your carnal mind, you choose to say that what I’m saying must be wrong and you’d rather stick to your own view.
  22. Well, that’s your choice. The problem is if you cut yourself off from the truth by calling truth untruth and limiting yourself to your own understanding, you are boxing yourself into the carnal realm. Again, that’s your choice, but be careful that you don’t start believing lies in order to justify your stance.
  23. So, to answer all your questions, yes, you can become comfortable with loving Me intimately if you get used to leaving your carnal mind behind and stripping off your pride and not worrying about what you think or what other people think of you.
  24. That’s a big step, because it’s not only your mind you’re leaving behind in preference for Mine, but it’s your pride too. Can you do that? It’ll be a bolster for you if you can, meaning you’ll be stronger in the spirit and more capable of tearing down the Enemy’s strongholds if you are not held back by your carnal mind and your pride. And that’s what I’m doing-creating spirit warriors out of you.
  25. You may say, “Men describing their body parts as women doesn’t give a very good mental picture and is a big turnoff.” Well, of course it doesn’t give a good mental picture to your carnal mind and turns it off. That’s why it’s important to leave your carnal mind behind and tune into and turn on the spiritual mind and reap the benefits of great sex, great mental pictures, and the maturity to handle it all.
  26. You say, “If it’s a spiritual thing, why all the physical verbalizing and describing it in a physical way? What’s the benefit or the point?” The benefits are that you receive My seeds, which in turn make you stronger spiritually, which in turn help you win spiritual battles much easier. I need spiritual warriors, remember. That’s why I’m planting My strong spiritual seeds in you.
  27. The point of verbalizing this spiritual event in a physical way is to bring My Spirit and My spiritual mind into you more and more. The spiritual Endtime war is going to take place on Earth. The spiritual world is merging with the physical, therefore it is of utmost importance that My warriors are filled with My Spirit, that their minds become receptacles of My mind, and that you are filled with and possessed by Me.
  28. If you cannot yield your carnal mind to these inexplicable, non-understandable things of the Spirit, then you are not letting My Spirit have full control. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, and all your strength. If you are holding back some of your mind because you want to understand before you believe and trust, then you are not giving all your mind over to My control.
  29. It’s going to be important for Me to have control if you want to be used to the full‚ especially in certain battles with the Enemy where My mind can dominate and defeat him but yours can’t. In those battles, if I don’t have adequate control and possession, he will be able to outsmart you because that’s his realm-the carnal mind-and if you haven’t gotten over the little hurdles presented by your carnal mind and you haven’t gotten used to going deep into My mind, then there are battles that he will be able to win against you and which I therefore cannot use you in. It’s as simple as that. I can use you for certain things, but when it comes to the big games I’ll have to put you on the bench and call in My first string.-Not first string because they are better than you, but because they have yielded all to Me and are going in with My full capabilities.
  30. One other point that has also been mentioned before: You should remember that when My first disciples heard that they had to eat My body and drink My blood, it didn’t make sense to them. They just couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t reasonable. And those who were stuck in their carnal mind in the way they thought about it, and couldn’t get it in the mind of My Spirit, left and walked no more with Me.
  31. Those who stayed on had to take it by faith, that somehow, because of everything else they knew about Me, this must have some truth in it, although they couldn’t perceive it at the moment. They chose to hang on by faith anyway.
  32. I’d like you to believe by faith even if you can’t see the reasoning behind it all. But again, that choice is up to you. At some point you’ll have to choose either the carnal or the spiritual mind. So choose well, My loves. I need all the warriors I can get, and your rewards will be unfathomable. I love you.

(Our Patient Lover: Questions and Answers on Loving Jesus [#3559])
P&P time: Behind the scenes

  1. (Jesus:) I wish to reveal to you what happens in Heaven every time you gather for these special days of prayer. There is excitement in the air‚ a buzz, a rush, a thrill of untold expectancy as each member of the heavenly host takes their place. Angels and archangels‚ the departed, wise men and women of old, prophets and prophetesses who have gone before you, spirit beings and spirit creatures, and Me-we all take our posts.
  2. Everyone prepares to answer your prayers‚ to meet every need, and to deliver to you keys that unlock doors, that give solutions to problems, insight to situations, and wisdom and guidance as we prepare the messages you solicit. All the heavens wait, as with bated breath, anticipating your desires, your wishes, your prayers.
  3. And I cannot emphasize to you enough how much these times mean to Me personally. Each time you stop to unite in prayer, to intercede for one another and for those in need, to come before Me with specific questions; when you stop and put all else aside so that you can suck, listen, and pull down My Words for others and for yourselves-you have no idea what this does for Me, My loves. Those times are the thrill of My life. They are never boring, routine, or ordinary to Me. I never, ever take these times lightly or as mere duty or run of the mill.
  4. These times you call “P&P” are exhilarating personal moments for Me-times which I eagerly await and deeply enjoy. They are among My greatest joys! When you come to Me like this, My dears, I derive immense joy from pouring into you, speaking to you, instructing you, and guiding you. When you come to Me with your questions, when you look to Me for answers, when you come to Me for the solutions to your problems‚ when you get quiet before Me-this turns My key. When you come just to listen, even when you don’t know what to ask or have no inkling of what I might say, yet you look to Me and seek to hear My words, to know My mind on a matter, to learn My will and My desire for your lives-this thrills My soul. It opens the door for us to be one‚ and being one with you, My loves, is the purpose of My existence.
  5. Thank you for stopping to take these times of P&P‚ for it is through these sessions that we grow together and meld as one. How I anticipate your times of P&P! How I joy in them! I take great pleasure in these moments. Thank you for stopping‚ for coming to Me, for getting quiet, for opening the door, for beckoning My Spirit to come. Thank you for preparing to receive My seeds! The more you ask, the more you will receive. The more you desire, the more I will pour out to you. The more you suck, the more we will be one. This is what turns Me on; this is what I love.

Expect great things

  1. (Jesus: ) When Moses raised his arms in prayer to Me at the banks of the Red Sea‚ I stretched out My hand and parted the waters, and I held them at bay until the last of My children were safely on the other side. When the shepherd boy David loaded his sling and‚ looking up to Me, whispered a prayer, I guided his stone and brought down the giant Goliath. When Elijah sent up an intercessory prayer and asked for rain, I sent the showers in great abundance. Likewise, at Zarephath, when he cried unto Me, asking for the soul of the widow’s son, I returned life to the boy’s motionless body.
  2. When Shadrach‚ Meshach, and Abednego cried out to Me as they entered the scorching furnace, I descended and walked with them in the midst of the fire, and the flame did not harm them. When the prophet Isaiah petitioned Me on behalf of Hezekiah, asking for a sign of his healing, I turned back the time and answered his prayer. When Jonah cried out to Me in his plight, I answered and placed him upon dry ground.
  3. How much more will I do for you‚ My loves‚ in these days of mighty miracles? Let this encourage your faith, for in these days of action, here I stand, ready, willing, and waiting to perform even greater things on your behalf.
  4. Do you see? Can you grasp it? Will you claim it? What great power I put within reach of your frail human hands! There’s nothing like it. It cannot be duplicated. No one can steal it away from you. It will never be lost. It is never misplaced. Such great‚ awesome, and magnificent power! It can only be released at the sound of your prayers. It is only delivered unto you at the touch of your faith. So it is, My loves, that your desperate, full-of-faith prayers can radically alter any situation or heart, and supply any need.
  5. Fear not to put Me to the test. Call unto Me. Declare your faith and remind Me of My promises. How it pleases Me when you display your knowledge of My Word. Claim it! Call down the power! Intensify! Pray passionately! Pour out strong emotion to Me in your prayers. Get excited! Expect Me to work, and stand back and see Me do what you cannot do for yourself. Pray extreme prayers and you’ll get extreme answers!
  6. As you unite this day, wield your power, My loves. For I am here, ready and willing and waiting to answer every prayer. Let this be your confidence; ask anything in My Name and I will do it.

(Prayer Primers [#3567])

You Need Your Spirit Helpers–Work with Them

46. (Jesus:) You have helpers of change who long to instruct you in the ways of acceptance and faith toward change. You have helpers of love who want to give you counsel and comfort in the art of love and wooing and winning and being a vessel for My love to come through. You have helpers who specialize in relating to others, strengthening the bonds of your love with others, and your communications with others. They yearn to speak to you on how you can reach out more, focus on others, and be Me for others in all of your interactions.
47. You have helpers of encouragement who want to express words of praise and commendation to you, words of comfort and courage to help you with the walk ahead. You have helpers of anointing who want to help you take on the new anointing that I am extending to you. They have counsel to offer‚ tips to help you enhance your awareness of Me and My power around you. You have helpers of the future who want to speak to you of what lies ahead and how to begin preparing for those days right now. They want to help arm you in spirit and heart for the battles of tomorrow.
48. So talk with them. Listen to them. Open your heart to hear what they have to say. They are powerhouses of instruction, insight, wisdom, revelation‚ understanding‚ knowledge, counsel, help, and much, much more!
49. If you are spending time with your spirit helpers, and taking the time to stop, look, and listen to those who stand by your side in the spirit world, you will be partaking of more of My Spirit. You will gain an extra spiritual sense and awareness. You will find it easier to connect to the realm of the spirit. Even if you are taking sufficient time with Me, if you’re not also connected with your spirit helpers, then there will be a lack in your spiritual life.
50. This is a new day, and I have said that the spiritual realm is merging with the physical realm every single day. Every day more and more of My Spirit is being revealed and imparted to you. All you have to do is reach up and receive, put off the cloaks of carnality, and take on My Spirit in all its fullness.
51. Your spirit helpers are part of your new weapons for this new era. You have the keys, yes. You have the Word, yes. You have praise, prayer, and prophecy, yes. You have all of these and more. But to complete all these weapons you must also use your spirit helpers and avail yourself of their power. Their power must come to life in your life and spirit; their power must be activated in the battles you fight and in the victories you win.
52. So keep calling out to them. Keep wooing them with your prayers and your desperation for their help. Let them know you love them and need them and can’t make it one day without them. Open your life to them and let them tend to the areas of your heart and mind that they have charge over. Let the angels of love teach you how to love. Let the angels of change instruct you in the ways of change. Let the angels of anointing show you the way of My Spirit.
53. Open your life up, not only to Me and to your shepherds, but also to your warriors of the spirit. They have opened their lives up to you. They are ready to tell you anything you long to know. They are ready to show you anything you long to understand. They are eager, right by your side, practically begging you to let them speak. Especially right now during this time of change and revolution, during this time when the spiritual realm is taking a greater step closer to your lives of the flesh, they long to be called upon.
54. Don’t let their talents and powers go to waste in your life by not availing yourself of what they have to give you. Your life could be so much richer, so much happier, so much more satisfying, and even more full of faith if you would connect more deeply with your spirit helpers. This is My plug for them. I want you to avail yourself of those who are giving their lives for you each and every day.
55. You will only gain in every way by doing so. You will feel their spirits even becoming a part of your life as you listen to their counsel and obey their instruction. Their greatest talents and strengths will in time become your talents and strengths, as you are faithful to spend time with them. Sometimes I purposely do not give you the full answer or the full instruction on a certain topic, because I want you to also ask your spirit helpers for advice and counsel. I want you to also learn to work in teamwork with them, and not only Me.
56. Yes, this has been your main focus–to put Me first, to ask Me everything, to spend quality time with Me, and I see you are faithful with this. You’ve grown tremendously in this way in the spirit. So now is the time to learn to work with your spirit helpers, to learn to spend time with them, to learn to focus on the powers of the spirit through their help and counsel. I promise to bless your life as you do. With each step you take to connect with them, with each effort you put forth to learn from them and communicate with them, I will bless you more abundantly with the attributes of their spirit.
57. You will feel a greater awareness of their presence each time you talk with them. You’ll be drawing closer and closer to them‚ so that as the days of darkness and tribulation approach, you won’t only be one person in Me; you will be a thousand warriors in Me and them! You will have the spirits of a thousand saints living in your heart and your mind and your spirit. You will have their words running through you‚ their strengths compelling you–and that, coupled with My power, will make you an unbeatable force!
58. Each weapon of the spirit enhances the other and they must all be used in order for the full power to be given. I tell you today that your spirit helpers are your new weapon of the spirit. You need to use them in conjunction with the keys and praise and prayer and prophecy and loving Me intimately and reading My Word and focusing on the power and memorizing, etc. They need to be used‚ otherwise none of these other weapons will be used to their full potential in your life. You will feel empowered, yes; you will have great power even if you aren’t using all of the new weapons, but never as much as you could have if you were faithful to put them all into practice.
59. You need all of the new weapons. If you didn’t need them all and didn’t need to use them all, I wouldn’t have revealed them to you. However, while I’m instructing you that the new weapons link together, and they all complement one another and are important, there are times when you just use one new weapon, and that’s okay. It’s not good to neglect weapons, but it’s also impractical to feel that at every moment you have to be using them all. That’s unrealistic.
60. But this is My plea to you to please call out to your spirit helpers and use them as the unbeatable weapons that they are! They love you so much and are giving their lives for you. Please open your life to them. Speak to them. Ask them questions that are on your heart. Give them time to talk with you and instruct you. They only wait for your openness to receive.
61. Their hands are full and overflowing and they want to pour into you, but you need to empty your hands of what you hold right now and reach out to receive of them. Listen to them. You will not regret it. The benefits in your life will be innumerable, inestimable, and awesome beyond compare! I promise you will love it! (End of message.)
(New Spirit World Power! [#3522])
180. (Jesus speaking:) Right now prophecy is being emphasized as a new weapon, and I’m training My children in how to use it; but it’s not the only means of knowing My will. Don’t go to the extreme of only using prophecy to find My will.
181. Prophecy can be used as a confirmation of other ways to know My will. I love to speak to My children in many ways; please be open to all of the ways to know My will. Also seek confirmation by using several different ways, for this will give you more faith and assurance that you’re on the right path to finding My full will for you. (End of message from Jesus.)
182. (Jesus speaking:) In many ways, prophecy is the easiest way to know My will. Yes, it does require getting quiet. It does require cess­ation of your own activities. It means you have to get in a position to tune in to Me, to close out all other input, all other noises, all other static in the spirit to zero into My voice. It means that you have to ask Me to empty you of your own desires, and it means you also have to be yielded, willing and open to whatever I say.
183. Hearing from Me is the easy part, but I ask you to also use the other ways to know My will, so that you may gain wisdom and the unity needed to implement My will. As you counsel with others, you are able to gain an accurate picture of the situation, which will help you formulate more well-rounded questions to bring before Me. If you don’t look at the circumstances, you may not know enough about the situation to bring the question to Me. You may not be able to get a clear enough answer. If you’re not well versed in all aspects of the situation you’re praying about, you will miss asking Me about details that I may want and need to talk to you about.
184. Therefore, counseling with others and under­standing all sides of a situation is import­ant. I have designed it this way, so that you would need each other, for in the multitude of counsel there is safety. This is My safeguard plan, so that you, My brides, will work as a team. My way is the counseling way, for this brings down the unity of My Spirit, which brings on the power of My Spirit–that unbeatable force that will not be defeated in the days ahead. As you counsel with others, this also helps them to understand what you’re doing. It helps others to feel that their voice was heard and that their wishes were considered. It is also important that you continue to stay filled up with My Word, for My Word feeds your faith and strengthens your channel to receive all that I have to tell you.
        185. So all of these ways are very, very important in seeking My will. But again, I say, the reason prophecy is a priority and is so important now is just that it’s the easiest way I have to lead you. It’s the most specific and ­surest way. This is why I said, “And you will hear a voice behind you saying, here is the way, walk ye in it.” This is My love for you, My care for you, My mercy for you–to make it easy for you to hear My voice whether you’re in danger or in safety, whether you’re in plenteous times or in times of need, whether you’re in sickness or in health, in times of happiness or times of sadness. At any time I wish to pour My will out to you in Words of love straight from My mouth to you.
(Understanding Prophecy, Part 1 [#3275])
<me> lord how to read all this stuff now?   Some of it seems outdated. I guess I need some updates from You, Jesus, how to read the Word and how to apply it today in 2014, when there seems to be no one really studying it…   Please renew my faith and open my eyes to Your plans in the Word for yesterday and today. I don’t want to go the wrong way, let me not follow out of some robotic tendency. Show me what Your will is today.
<Jesus> It’s always the same – Pray believe, and receive, or receive pray and believe or whichever order you prefer.   Just do these 3 things, and all the rest will fall into place. How much have you received? Believed? Prayed?   That should keep you busy! When your flesh is weak sometimes its harder to do these things, but you can fight, you are a fighter. Do not leave off any of these 3, and instead of looking at prayer or prophecy as a burden, realize how much fun it is and how cool it is you can literally ask Me anything and receive anything from My hand. I know you feel the pressure of being in your last year of school and I will help you to graduate on time, do not worry, but you still must make the spiritual your prime target, for from it wil stem all other missions and visions, and you do not need to fear getting something wrong, but just continue to pray, believe ad receie what I give, and you will be satisfied. I will be satisfied as you humble yourself in this way also, not trying to accomplish thing sin your own flesh.
,me> Amen, Lord I praise you and thank you, I lay aside all fear, and thank you for all the gifts and marvels you have provided already and that you will yet provide.   Give me a heart to truly desire above all Your Words, for these are the only things that truly give me life.
LOOKED UP, SEE A GUY WEARING A SHRIT WITH ALL THIS DEMONIC STUFF ON IT, it says “Lucifer” and all these symbols.
Renew your vision for being a fighter, and do not be distracted by all that is around you. Realize that down here it is a constant battle, and if you will come up here. . . .
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