Words of Love from the Bride to the Lord

10. (To Jesus:) Baby‚ You’ve turned my world upside down and inside out, and I love it. It’s crazy, because You also give me stability, and I feel totally secure in Your love, but at the same time‚ You keep things changing and moving. You keep me on my toes and challenged in our relationship. Having You as my Lover means there’s never a dull moment.
— * —
11. (To Jesus:) You thrill me, and consistently bring me to new highs of love in the spirit. When people ask me why I’m so happy, I have to say it’s because I’m in love. It’s written all over my face. I can’t hide it. You are the greatest Lover, and I’m so proud that I can call You mine.
— * —
12. (To Jesus: ) When I woke up this morning, You were the first thing on my mind. I love to be able to commune with You early in the morning, when all is still, before the day has started. I can so easily picture myself lying in Your arms, snuggled up next to You. I can feel the warmth of Your skin. I can hear Your soft breathing. The comfort of knowing that we can be so close brings me such joy and peace.
— * —
13. (To Jesus:) I open my eyes and I see You there. I open my heart and You run to embrace me. I open my life and You mend all that has broken. I give You my love and You give me back more than I could imagine. All that You give me and the spiritual blessings I receive are so great in comparison to the little that I give to You. Let me grow in my love for You, so that I can give You what You need. Let my gratitude for all that You do for me spill over into our intimacy and lovemaking.
— * —
14. (To Jesus:) When I think of You, Jesus, it makes me smile. I can almost feel You coming up behind me and placing Your arms around me, while You so softly breathe on my neck and kiss me. You whisper in my ear that You love me. Do You know how much I love You, Jesus? I need You and desire You. I love the way You love me. I love the small things You do for me each day, and how much You love me through them.

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