Words that give me strength

By Chen Zuan!
The words that give me moral and practical support are the lines said in the movie Whiplash,“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.The only thing you should be worried about is when you stop making mistakes;it only means that you’ve stop learning or making progress.”I believe that the reason why the words struck a chord with me upon I saw them was,at that time,I had been having difficulty dealing with the subjects in senior high school. I am the kind student that needa to practice moreIn order to achieve perfection. In other words,when studying,I always run hardly after others in order to keep pace with them ,but in the end I only find myself standing on the verge of failure.The gradually piled up pressure and frustation even makes me doubt myself.
              However,I was spurred on to pick up my scatterd pieces of confidence as soon as I heard these words.It was just like a ray of sunshine through the thick,gray clouds.I came to realize that I was such a lucky person that I could have the opportunities to discover my weakness in academics again and again.From that moment on,for me,making mistakes has been nothing related to failure but a gift from God.

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