World Government Rising: Jesuit Controlled Politicians Moving UN Troops into the US to Police the Population

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  1. Of course the Jesuit order is the top subversive agency in the world, having been in that business of intelligence, subversion, chicanery, deception, murder, etc, centuries before the CIA, MI6, KGB/ FSB, CSIS, etc. I downloaded a free pdf onliine, by Abbe Jacopo Leone “The Secret Plan of the Order” – written circa 1840 by one who left the order. A century later we had Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex Jesuit priest, aide to Cardinal Bea, who left the order when he was born again of the Holy Spirit in the 1960s, who also revealed what the order was really doing and its purposes. Around the same time, Dr. Malachi Martin, asked Pope Paul 6 for leave from the Jesuit order. He was a highly placed Vatican official also. He was a Semitic and Ancient languages scholar, speaking 17 languages. He started writing books like Windswept House, and others, disclosing the Vatican & Jesuit agenda also – many believe he was “eliminated” under suspicious circumstances a year after one of his friends, a priest was “taken out”. I’m still not totally sure how the Jesuits fit in relation to the Illuminati (i.e. who’s boss of who).


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