World War on Child Kidnapping Announced by POTUS! Abductors & Pedophiles Beware!

As I am in the midst of an intense struggle to maintain moral and integral high ground amidst the melt-down of my former friends in TFI-COG (The Family International, formerly known as the Children of God) cult wherein my daughter was illegally taken from me, a light has broken through the clouds.  This light will look like darkness to many.   Those who are in the midst of confusion and nastiness and the church spirit will not know what to do.  But just as Trump has announced a total war against international child kidnapping, it seems all around me heroes are arising.   Men and women of all generations are directly speaking to me and deciding to take the side of the women and the children rather than some group or ideology.

True religion is this- you stand up for the women and the children.  Period.   What happens when you do this, you might find you are ostracised, vilified, and even have your kids kidnapped in broad daylight.   But this was the bait that Satan needed to take as now the whole fake system is going to come crashing down.  The Basham family was never going to stand beside pedophiles or liars or kidnappers, and neither should the End Time Children of David or any country for that matter, even the USA.   It is high time to drain the swamp of The Family.  The Congress.  The Hollywood Cabal.  The Mainstream Church (should that even be capitalized?).   The Vatican.  The E.U.   The U.N…   They are all coming down and its going to be an epic 2018!  Watch the moment of horror as all the lies will be exposed in great sweeping strokes of supernatural light.

But at the same time, who will stand on the right side and denounce evil BEFORE it is obvious to all?  To those people will belong the greatest reward.  I am already talking to prophetic minded people who were in our mission group before who are denouncing the practices of its current structure.  It is only a matter of time before you see heads start to roll in a very orderly and just fashion, according to Real Law– Truth and Justice that God has based the Universe on.   There will be war tribunals for those who hurt innocents, and I don’t care who you are.  God is all about kids, he is all about single moms, and he doesn’t care about what you look like on the outside if you bully any of these.

It is a time to be who you were born to be, and this year will be a massive wakeup call to many.   Things are going to get scarier than you have ever imagined, but at the same time, to those who are close to the Lord you will see more glory and more miracles and provision than any other time.  On this earth will be darkness unparalleled to those who have embraced luciferianism, even if you have a clean-cut image, with a whiter colegate smile than Joel Olsteen. . .   Evil is always about perversion of innocents.  That is exactly what Jesus is coming back from the stars above the clouds to deliver, as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
So dont call your mafia friends or start a molotov cocktail party just yet!   Worldwide justice is coming and there will be a new light people will run from because they have never really known it before.  All it is, however, is just truth.  Run to His arms, run away from the shitstorm!

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  1. I’ m rooting and praying for Trump Mike. I’ve been getting emails and links to articles on how he’s moving quickly against all these despicable types, and one article yesterday told how a plane en route to Japan was forced to turn around and land in California, wherein 2 were taken off the plane in handcuffs. I follow because they even get info from Kremlin sources l- who seem to be well informed on Trump’s crusades and his offence against Deep State, pedophiles, corruption, etc. He pre emptively raided CIA in November with a military platoon, removing many documents / files, then when he found out that Atlanta (one of the deep state HQ) was planning on annexing Emory University, upon whose grounds is the CDC, he preempted again with military transporting documents, files, and bioweapons / along with bio weapon research, out of CDC to the IIBR. He’d found out they were researching bioweapons illegally, and planned to release variants of diseases to target older Americans – his core supporters. How’s the progress going with the kidnapping being returned?

    1. Yes she sure was! She’s being held hostage now by some crazy people, also protected by TFI/COG remnants. Time for justice worldwide! Pray I can properly get her back rather than take the illegal means her kidnappers took to hide her from me.

  2. I’ll pray. For total restoration of all things. The walls will come crashing down at the sound of His voice. Just as God was with David’s mighty men who went to fetch water from the well held by the Philistines, He is with you. He will protect, shield, shepherd and bring out His children wherever they are. Above all, may you be filled with peace, rest and joy as you endure this journey.


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