“Ye shall hear of (US) wars” & preparations be not troubled..but it IS at the door!

by  • April 30, 2015

USwarcrimesThe United States Regimealready ordered and long built thousands upon thousands of tanks, humvees, trailers, military vehicles. You can see thousands of them in this video, and they are soon going to use them! Poor Christian Americans have lost their country to the Bankers, their henchmen and their media-worshipping sycophants, who are responsible for and about to unleash yet another gruesome World War 3, that will again kill many tens of millions of people once more. It makes you cry to the Heavens!

IF you read this and you still refuse to believe the prophets and Jesus Himself who predicted all these things in fine detail, you really ought to do some soul-searching to do yourself and your loved ones a favour, by beginning to accept that the God of Heaven is about to get very upset with these murderous warmongers. He is about to smash their Monopoly game board together, saying.. “Game Over Boys! Time to go down now to Hell for a thousand years, for your intransigence and cold-blooded unfeeling lack of love for your fellow men! America has become a murder machine. What for? For pride! Pure pride! Half of the wicked Americans are suporting this and working on it to ring in their elite’s New World Order pipe dream, and the other wicked half is not even aware of the sorrows that will befall them.. and the rest of the world because of their rebellion against God. It makes me sick to the stomach and feel like I would like to go home to Heaven, to escape this Hellish world!

Now I don’t agree with Dave Hodges because he is stoking the fires of war by demonising the Muslims and thus making the war possible, because that is what the Murderers at the top need: Division between religions and people and a “clash of civilisations.” In order to sell this war people need to be afraid and fear “the Muslims”, just as they set up the Americans against the Germans in WW2 demonising them as “the evil Huns!” And the people? They believed it and fell right in line with the murderous scheme of the warmongers. Lindbergh was warning against it then, and they killed his baby because of it. Lindbergh was right; They should have not  believed the media-regime-military-industrial-banking complex, and stayed out of that World War, but they didn’t listen and millions went to their death!

America is trying to save itself from economic and financial destruction by starting another huge war to take over the Middle East for oil and gold and to crush Iran and Syria and the rest.

It is coming soon. If you like to read Hodges worries about the war and Jade Helm read his article here, but don’t let it drive you crazy! Prepare what you can and trust the Lord for the rest. The storm clouds are overhead already and packing becoming darker and darker and the winds are beginning to blow. You can feel it in the air. Money and food will get scarce. And peace will be taken away from the cities and the lands. For the people have forsaken their Creator to trust in the proud rebellious instead. They are digging their own grave. It is very very sad. How people can be so rude and hard and cruel to want to make war and hurt people with steel and fire and guns. I hate this world!Jesus come quickly! Read Dave Hodges post here: http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/jade-helm-is-tightening-the-noose-around-americas-neck-videos/

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