You Can Take the Disciple Out of The Family, But…

While attempting to go forward into the future with all the most amazing interactions with people of late on Fringe Radio Network, I face a dilemma:  how to deal with the past involvement with The Family?  I mean, honestly there are so many things I learned with them and continue to possess that are coming true.  Attempting to forget everything makes zero sense when literally everywhere you turn, wild and crazy fact after wild and crazy fact seems to come true.   So in essence, as we continue forward with teaching people the truth about what’s been going on in this world for so long, including all the villainy of Hollywood and Big Pharma pharming everyone’s health for profit, as well as the hidden secrets of the Spirit and the true histories of this small but rich planet, I have decided to not forget the past.  The training manuals for hearing from God and living by faith are all still there, albeit with a lot of humorous innuendo.  To me, that just makes it even more acceptable in today’s society which is so sexually confused nobody knows which way is up anymore.  The neutered church doesn’t want to look at a single Gosh Darn thing that relates to sex except “I kissed dating goodbye.”  And what about the “endtime prophets” of the Family?  Well, they’re still around.  I just made friends with close to a thousand of them who are in the shadows, FD or not…   We shall see!  Meanwhile I will continue to produce content in my usual desperate style and hope to make things more and more palatable to “normal” people.  Pray for us!

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