Your ship is sinking. When will you know?

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      1. Michael, the link I sent is the story of Michael “Maccabee” Bradshine’s bizarre encounter in Viet Nam with Colonel Leo Guelf “Socrates” and his enigmatic co pilot, John Ray, who are missing in action ( MIA) and makes what seems to be an impossible landing in Bamboo. However, two Vietnam helicopter pilots are actually on record for accomplishing this very breath taking feat. Maccabee and his buddy Sgt. Ralf Finnegan, are an instant away from death when the radio pack Maccabee carries, crackles to life. 🙂

  1. In this link you may read how Michael got cannon-balled from the corvette and into the waiting arms of his ‘guardian Angel’ Ghost Captain John Ray Williams.
    I am taking the long way around ‘Maccabee’s journey to Mars, it would seem, but that journey is in the next room.:)

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